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How to fix/repair my credit on my own?
I am interested in repairing my credit myself. I have pulled my credit report and need some sort of guidance or suggestions as to were to begin!! Should I dispute inquires first? Should I contact the collection companies before sending letters to major credit bureaus? Any suggestions as to where to start would be very much appreciated!
Thank you in advance

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How to fix your credit.

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I am in the middle of fixing my credit so I can offer you some advice that is working for me. First of all, I looked for all the accounts I had in collections. When I was younger I let things o not concerning myself with future consequences. Anyway, I had about 7-8 accounts in collections. I sorted these collections by the amount I owed each account. I then started contacting the collection agencies of the lowest amounts I owed and made arrangements to pay those off. One of my bigger collections was a hodspital ill when I had pneumonia. The bill was about $9000 so I contacted them to see if there was a way to make arrangements. They forwarded me to a financial assistance charity organization they dealt with, I filled out their peperwork and was eventually approved for 100% coverage of that bill. I now have only 2 items in collections with balances over $2000. Taking care of some of the collections raised my score. As my score got higher, I was able to open a few credit accounts and have kept them in good standing which has raised my credit score even more. I opened a credit card account with a $300 limit and now have a $500 limit, I am soon eligible for another credit limit increase I might add. I also opened a furniture account and an appliance store account. I have since paid the furniture account off and am currently paying on the appliance store account. I assume because I had those accounts and they were in ood standing that Fingerhut finally allowed me to have an account with them when i was turned down in the past. Fingerhut account is paid off and still current. One bad thing about my credit is the amount of inquiries I have which is 15 in a 2 year period. It took all those inquiries to get the 4 new accounts I do have though so I could establish credit. My advice on establishing accounts though is don't get more than your finances can handle. Also, don't get your balances too high. Add up the balances you have for each credit account and divide that by the total of the credit limits for those accounts and you wind up with your credit utilization rate. It is always goods to keep your utilization rate below 20%. That means if you have a $1000 credit limit altogether, for example, don't let the balance you owe be more than $200 whenever possible. Pay your bills on time but even though you may pay an account off, don't close. the more open accounts you have in good standing then the better for your credit.  Only dispute items on your credit report that you don't recognize or if the balance seems a lot different than you remember, companies do make errors at times. All in all, take care of collection accounts best you can, open new accounts, pay your bills on time, keep accounts and in good standing, last but not least keep your credit utilization low and watch out the amount of inquiries to your credit. I hope that helps you.

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