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how many point does removing tax lien add to credit report?

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Want my credit Back

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do any one know how to get a tax lien off your credit report. I paid the lein in full in August 2014 . However, it's still appearing on my credit credit report as release and paid

i desired it to be removed. Also how many points will your score go up. And how long will it take? 

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Biggest Dings to your credit.

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Its hard to say, but any government lien on your will report is a big deal. I have heard that a lein will knock 50 to 200 points off your CS, depending on the size of the lein.  If you can pay it off do so, that will help significantly. If you have worked out a payment plan stick to it and get if paid off.

Some creditors will not even consider a new line of credit if you have any kind of lein on your report.

Good Luck!

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Crossing my Fingers

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I just jumped thru all the IRS hoops of fire

Got my Tax Lien Release letter

Submitted letter to all 3 CRB - Credit Reporting Bureaus

Waiting to see what my score will go up to

Right now - it 685 with the IRS Fed Tax Lien on my CR

IF I get 200 points - that will be super tits!!

I hope to get at least 100 - that will put my Credit Score at  785

Looking to getting my life back

Question - What do you call the Legal Mafia that is dead set against regular hard working American citizens?

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Did your credit score go up when the tax lien was released?  I am in the same situation.  I have a released tax lien but filed for the fresh start program.  

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Needing help.

i need to know about a tax lien that is on my credit report. What are all the different ways i would have this problem, how can i figure out exactly why I have one and is there anyway or reason to dispute it if it was paid off without my acknowledgement of having it untill it was paid off? I was told by UNTRUSTWORTHY #1 it was because i filed in new state i moved to. #1 had the lien set up in payments automatically being withdrawn from my account because it wasn't her money she was throwing away and telling me the payments i kept seeing was paying on medical. Banks say it will stay on reports for 7 years.. Is it worth or possible to remove?

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I know this is an old post but I find myself in the same situation. What credit agencies should I send my tax form 668 z to? 

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Tax lien

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Hi did anyone get a tax lien remove from your credit report. Please let me know how many points did it go up. I just pay off mind two weeks ago
Thanks in advance

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Enter Your Reply Depending on the state, it could take 30 - 45 days after the lien(s) are paid off. This is the time it takes for the state reporting to the credit bureau and it being relected on your credit score. That was what the state agent told me. I paid mine off in NY State and I am now waiting for it to be reflected on my credit scores as well. Hope this helps!

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