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how long does a judgement stay on your credit report
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judgements can stay on your credit reports up to 7 years, even if it's been paid

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I have a judgement that was filed January of 2007 and my report from Experian says it is scheduled to be removed from my report in January of 2014. 7 years.  

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A judgement can be renewed before it expires indefinitely all the while accuring interest if it was awarded by the court. It is better to contact the person holding the judgement and try to negotiate a SIF (Settled For Less Than The Full Balance) A judgement can also cause you to have a wage assignment, a bank levy or even a recording against your name which may then tie up your real estate (if you own any) and then you won't be able ot sell or refinance it until this Judgement has been satisfied and recorded with the court.

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The question was not answered.  It does not say how long it will stay on your credit file.  The person answered what a judgement is and how to pay it.

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eviction from apartment

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how long does that stay

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If there was a judgement against me would these credit reports on credit karma show it?

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It will show up if it is on Transunion.  Credit karma uses transunion to gather it's data.  I would go to and request copies from all 3 reporting agencies.  You can do that once a year for free.

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Judgements are as bad as the collection lawyer is a scumbag

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I'm curious about this as well. I took care of my judgement and I'm wondering if its there for life or if it has some sort of expiration on it? 

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I have a jugdment on my credit from 07, back when I was right out of high school I co-signed for my boyfriend on a citi financial loan, well he filled bank rupcy so they came after me, but he and his attorney told me they had taken care of it. I never heard anything from citi financial and just recently as I found that I have a judgment for that loan on my report. How do I get rid of it? Or will it come off in its 7yr time span?

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5 years can be renewed

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