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How is this possible? Credit Score Jumped 158 points!!!
Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to see if anyone else can figure this out with me. When I first started using CK about a month ago, my credit score was 542, which sounded about right to me. My credit is pretty terrible because I've had hospital bills, etc. I've checked my credit report and this is the crap that's on it:
charge off/paid
charge off/paid
charge off
charge off $93 past due 4/2011
charge off $1,313 5/2011
collection $981 4/2011
charge off $75 5/2011
collection $397 2/2011
collection $93 4/2011
collection 3/2011 $32
collection 7/2011 1,882
collection 7/2011 $862
collection 7/2011 $550
collection 8/2008 $633
collection 4/2011 $105
collection 2/2011 $397
chargeoff/collection 08/2005 $1,193
collection 5/2006 $157
collection 8/2008 $633
collection 10/2007 $529
collection 05/2011 $50
collection 04/2011 $105

When I logged in today and updated my credit score, it said on CK that it was 700! That seems ridiculously high to me. I only have one credit card, which I've been paying on time now for five months. It has a $1,000 limit and it's down to $900 left to pay. I just can't wrap my head around how my score could jump so high in such a short amount of time. So unless something has fallen off, like a major collection, or that it's been I've been paying my credit card on time, even if it is just the minimum, I don't see how my credit could be this good. Anyone else care to explain what's going on here? Is the updater broken? I'm just in shock is all. It'd be nice if it was true, but I have a feeling it's not. Thanks for your help guys!
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That is good news . Since I have been with CK my score has droped about 100 points.

The only thing I see that would make yours jump is the one debt in 05. It takes about 7 years to clear off any charge offs or any chapter 11  off the credit report.

I would buy a prepaid charge card to get an credit report  form experian or equfax  as well to double check .   Since all three are different.

Never use  your real charge card online for anything use a prepaid/gift  card. This will save  you in the end. It  will stop ID  thieves.

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well good to you i have being using CK and accorrding to this site my score has dropped 100pts and i know thats not right i check all my real credit scores there no where near what CK as but CK does have some good points on it so i check in hear once a month

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