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how do you earn points to increase your credit score???.
Looking over what my score is I am kinda at a loss as to where and how to repair it and build it up. Can someone steer me in the right direction
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As Clairissa states in her last sentence, pay on time 35% of score & keep C/U under 30% which counts for 30% of score. These are the most important factors in your score. 

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Without knowing exactly your problem, nobody can give a detailed answer. But in general, you need either to deal with any delinquent debts or wait until they roll off your record (which may take seven years or more). Then you need to build up healthy credit, which often starts with getting a secured credit card and using it responsibly. Once you're on the road to repair, the two most important keys to building and keeping a long-term good score are paying bills 100% on time and keeping credit card utilization under 30%.

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