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how do I get a judement off my credit report

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Contact all three agencies letting them know that the courts do not verify civil judgements.  The agencies get this information from third parties which is not legal. They must verify with originators and the courts simply do not have the time or staff to verify all judgements.   Unless they can prove that they verified directly with the court they must remove from your report.  Of course the collection agency can report that your account has not been paid.  As far as I know, no collection agency can have a public record removed from your report since they are not the ones who report it.  Be wary of anyone who says they can.   Certainly you want to settle your debt, but I suggest you handle he public records issues separately as noted above.  Be sure to contact all three agencies.  So far I've been able to get two of them to remove my record by calling them out on not verifying with the court.

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Lauradw - do you have a sample of the letter you wrote to get these removed?  Im in the same situation and would like to write a letter (as I already disputed with the credit agencies to remove and they notified me that the judgments have been verified) to the credit bureaus.

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If the judgment is not paid, it will stay on your record for a minimum of 10 years from the date it is filed.  The creditor can even reinstate the judgment after 10 years to keep it alive forever, if they are so inclined.  Once paid, a judgment stays on for 7 & 1/2 years from the date of payment.  You can try cvisious85's idea, but be sure to get it in writing that they'll remove the judgment from your credit report, or they'll just take the money and you'll still have it on your report for 7 & 1/2 years from the date you paid it.  You can dispute the judgment with the bureaus if you believe it is not yours.  Best of luck!

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Hello there

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I also have one on my account and I humbled myself and contacted the collections agency which had it. I didn't dispute it since I knew it was mine and I wanted to attack it full force. I talked with them and explained I didn't know about the public charge and was willing to settle the debt and really wanted to make things good between both parties. I also said I want to pay but because I need a house that I would only pay if they agreed to delete the item as soon as payment is received and report it to all three credit bureaus. The woman handling my case was very nice and agreed to this and will give me an official document in writing for my records. She also said she would stop all the interest from going up and discounted the payment about $700 down to $2,100. So remember contact them with a respectfl attitude since they will be more willing to go to bat for you as opposed to someone who is yelling at them. I will take care of this in March when I get back from vacation and will update the results on karma like I do with my other updates...

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judgment still there

I had returned property as ordered and told the courts. I was told they can not remove it and could not advise how. I am not able to contact he owner to assist and the relatives are not cooperating. It is still on my report. Do I write a letter to all credit bureaus to have this removed? Will they assist?

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Settle a judgement

Greetings Commu

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