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How can I see all three credit scores?
I was wondering if you could get all three credit scores on this website? If not where can I do that for free?
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focus on things that effect scores

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As a credit analyst, I can tell you many institutions are no longer just looking at your scores. We're in some trying times and there's not too many people who don't have some sort of blemish on their credit reports. If you simply focus on the following few things, your credit scores will improve naturally.

[1]: Never miss a payment

[2]: Never use more than 30%-40% of your avail credit (ie. $450-$600 on a $1500 line)

[3]: Monitor your credit for free by spreading out your request to the 3 reporting agencies.

      (ie. request Trans Union in March, Equifax in July and Experian in November)

[4]: Avoid only making minimum payments. First and foremost you'll ultimately pay much more for all your purchases due to the heavy interest. Secondly, in the times we're in, creditors will begin reducing your available credit by cutting your lines. (I do it everyday).

You want to try and make at least what we call "B" and "C" payments. Paying in full is always best but at times you may not be able to do that. Use the payment guide below:

M = Minimum payments

A = More than minimum, less than double

B = At least double, less than triple

C = At least triple, less than quadruple

D = at least quadruple, less than 5x minimum

E = At least 5x minimum, less than full

F = Full payment

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JiJu5r33 is correct on where to get the scores for free

However, To clarify all of this regarding the law and what they must provide...  There is a difference between your credit REPORT and credit SCORE

your reports must be available to you annualy from each agency for free.

However, your SCORE (which is variable between the 3 agencies, and only when looking at all 3 scores can you determine your overall score) is only required to be presented to you when an agency is using it to determine qualifications for a loan (and they may charge you to get it).   

No where does your score ever HAVE to be given to you for free, only the report of the agencies which is used to determine your score.

In other words, if you want to know your score for free

Sign UP for free for ... , , and  

Consider the Lowest Score your actual score used by Banks, if it's way off from the others, contact that agency to get a report and have them correct it.

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 You can call each credit company and get one free report annually. It will not include a score. You can sign up on "", and get all three reports and scores. This is a free seven day trial. You can print your info or simply save it on your computor. Make sure you call the toll free number by the sixth day and cancel. If it goes to the seventh day they have already charged you their going rate. You can then take your time and go through everything and write out anything you want to dispute. Make sure you have all your facts in order, and then call the particular credit company and tell them you need to dispute something on your credit report. Sometimes they will verify your claim, and sometimes, depending on what it is and how long it has been on your report, they will go ahead and delete an item from your report. I have done this and found that it is the simplest and easiest way to get your scores and get your report corrected. Also, it will not cost you a dime. Also, just so everyone knows, most creditors will use your middle score.

Good luck to all

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Helpful to 225 out of 262 people   Gives you all three for free once a year. It's legit, so don't worry. My sister let me know about it when I went to check on it  last summer when I applied for a mortgage and they said my credit was poor.  Transunion, Equifax, and Experian.

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Helpful to 141 out of 152 people is the bomb for a no strings attached "FREE", truly, free credit score.  Hats off to you guys!!  Thank you.  

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Helpful to 165 out of 183 people for Experian score, You can only update it once a month for Transunion score, You can only update it once a month for for Experian score, You can only update it once every 6 months. let you have 30day trial for all 3 scores,

havent found any free score site for Equifax yet

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 Folks - please!  The credit score from whatever source is an arbitrary number depending on who is doing the scoring and what (i.e. auto, home, credit card, personal loan, etc.) they are scoring.  Even in FICO land there are many differenct "scores" for the same person with the same info.  What your score is - is totally unimportant unless you are planning on purchasing something on credit.  Reviewing your credit report is a different story - it should be done annually or more frequently if you suspect ID theft.  To win the finance game you must eliminate as much debt as posssible and then stay out of debt - forget about your credit score - it has no meaning and certainly never pay for a score.

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Get a Walmart card and they give you a free TU FICO once a month. MyFICO gives an Equifax FICO score but does charge $15 or so month if you dont cancel within 10 days. Those are the scores creditors look at not FAKO scores like here. The TU score here is usually within 30 points of the FICO score so its an estimate is all. FICO scores are what count. Mortgage and auto loans look at FICO numbers only. Discover is $10 monthly to get a score from all 3. And scores differ from the 3 due to not everything gets reported to all 3. You can have a collection on TU that was never reported to the other 2. My TU score here is near 100 points lower than my Experian score through Discover. And something i have noticed is Equifax FICO is used more often than TU FICO. I have 6 more inquiries on my report from CC, Mortgage and auto.

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I will share something I discovered and used montly. You can go to lending they will run a soft inquiry and if you are denied you will be given what appears to me to be your true fico there and the sight and mail you a copy. Does not affect score. Not sure if same happens if you are approved, as I am still repairing my credit.

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Try for Experian score. You can only it updates once a month.

CreditKarma uses Transunion- Credit Sesame uses Experian - if any has site to share for Equafax please leave a message.

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