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how can I raise my credit score

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Keep your total credit utilization at 20% or less. Most will tell you 30% but this will have a nice impact on your score if you go to 20 or below. Make sure you pay your creditors on time. These 2 factors have the highest impact on your score. Keep credit inquiries to an absolute minimum. Also be sure to pull a copy of all 3 of your credit reports and dispute any errors especially for derogatory items. If you work at all of these points you will see a boost in the near future and beyond. Good luck.

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Raising Credit Score

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From what i have come across after spending years trying to get it to raise more I have finally come to the conclusion that the more you owe in credit and the more credit cards you have as long as you make So the payments is the only way for your score to go up. I own my home so I don't have  mortage own my vehicles so no  car payments. Buy what I can afford and always pay my bills on time and all they tell me is to get credit cards.So this means if you want a good credit score GET morE CREDit....I don't understand that making purchaces or using credit cards that you  don't need is suppose to be a godd thing....I think we need to change the people who figure credit scores.

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I agree I have very little debt and pay almost everything off that month or before, three paid off residences, no car loans and one loan under 10, 000 for home repairs with one year same as cash loan that will be paid off in a couple of months, and my score is going down instead of up.  What I will say is I won't add debt just to get my score up or add cards. I have left cards open that I don't plan to use because closing them will decrease my score that is my only concession.  I am retiring soon and no debt ups my standard of living on a fix income.  The system needs to be changed not encouraging people to add debt.  I worked very hard to get to this point and I am not going back.  On a side note I use my credit cards for everything to get reward points I have two I use then go and pay them off within 48 hours.

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Building Your Credit Score

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Raising Your Credit Score:

  1st thing is to get a copy of all three of Your files and look for errors or just mistakes You made in the past. Now keep in mind, this is my experience. I started disputing all of my derogatory marks against me. My first filing close to half on all three bureaus dropped off with no problems. I repeated the same process again and again a few more dropped off. At that point is when I used the telephone and called each creditor to see if we could work out an arrangement. I made more progress, most important part of this process is to make sure if You and Creditor make a aggreement (Make sure all of the negative remarks will be removed if payment is made) I raised my credit score from being in the mid 400's to now 4 years later to the mid 700's. I keep my credit cards at 0 balance but if I do run a balance I use my 0 percent card that I try to keep on hand. There is nothing wrong with caring a balance but make sure You make more than the payment required. A mix of credit is good to have also. Bottom line, treat Your credit like a infant. Its a great feeling for me today to be able to walk into any store and if I choose to, I qualify for any of their promotions with credit which can save me several hundreds of dollars..I hope this helps someone. 

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Is there a cost to get all 3 credit reports ? How would I go about getting mine.

Thanks ,minniemouse1955

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getting Credit

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get a secured savings card  account hrough Capital one and pay the bill off every month with in a year they will raise your credit limit and send your deosit back,but pay it on time; you will build a score before you know it/ and get more offers for cards than you even want.

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where can i get a personal loan for bad credit to pay off my items

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there isnt a loan for bad credit that would be helpful to pay off debt.  You must learn to save then pay the items off with your own savings.  why pay off debt by aquiring new debt? doesnt make any sense if you have bad credit, because the new loan will have an interest rate so high that you would pay probly 4x the amount of the old debt your trying to get rid of.  Do yourself a favor and just pay off your items one by one, until you boost your credit to a loan worthly score.  By that time you will most likely turn your nose up at the type of loan you are seeking right now.

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raising credit score

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i don't have any credit cards and bills are always paid on time. So what  can I do to raise it

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Your Credit Scores Should Be Free. And Now They Are.

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