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How can I find my REAL credit score that the credit bureaus see when we call in for an issue?
With all the websites out here partnered with the bureaus and 3rd do I obtain my actual credit scores? The ones they credit bureaus see when you call them on the phone and they pull up your account to assist you. I have some places saying 600+, Credit Karma says 575 and Score Sense says 586 so I dont know who to believe but my lease is up and I'm tired of paying for credit scores and reports. I would like to know ahead of time if I will get turned down before I apply, based on my credit score alone.

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You have many scores

and none of them are wrong.  

It's estimated that there are as many as 300 Credit scoring companies in the US. All base there score on the algoritium designed for them that gives them information based on what each company is scoring you on. A mortgage lender and Credit card co's are interested in different information to determine you loan so those scores are specific to those companies. FICO is one of many companies that provide a general score. They sell the info to their subscribers, Companies that don't have the means to have there own finance departments.  

CK uses an algoritium called Advantage 3.0  I consider this the toughest scoring system and will generally giive you the lowest score you will have at any given time. 

Scores generally change by a few points up and down through out the month, specially if you use credit cards. 

Rather than worry about the specific number, you need to be more concerned about the "Range" your score is in.  That is more in line with what lenders consider. If your in a certain range, you will or will not be approved, You will get this interest rate or that.  OF course the higher the better. 

Good luck 

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Keep in mind that there are dozens of scoring models in use and there is no wrong credit score. The majority of lenders use FICO scores, but even FICO has more than one model that lenders could use. There are even a few lenders that are pulling Vantage Score 3.0 which is the same model used here on Credit Karma in addition to pulling FICO scores.

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There are more different ways to calculate credit scores than most people think. A lot depends on what the creditor requires and they will use whatever information from your credit reports as needed for their purpose.  Many use the FICO score, which you have to pay for.  You might want to contact the lease agency to see what scoring matrix they use.  What you see here is from the Vantage 3 matrix, which is different from the one used by FICO and that is different from the ones used by the credit bureaus.  Please re-read the articles here so you can better understand credit scoring.

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Most lenders use a version of FICO scores, keep in mind that there are many different versions of FICO and on top of that there are three different credit bureaus to obtain a score from. Your best bet is to purchase your FICO scores somewhere as they will be the most accurate scores regarding the lending world. Myfico is a good site because they provide different versions of FICO scores, you could also check with Experian as they have a FICO package I believe.

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Basically, There is not a way to get any sort of "True" Score.  As has been stated before, there are many different Matrices out there, and everyone uses different versions. Some older, some newer. There are different Score Calculations for Cars, Homes, Utilities, etc, etc. All any of these scores can do anyway is to give you a Ballpark figure of what your score is. 

You can ask the Landlord what they require. Many would accept a report that you had run through someplace like Any good Landlord will look beyond any score these days, and check out your history as well if the score is lower. They may also accept an explanation letter from you if you felt anything needed to be explained. If possible, see if your current Landlord will act as a reference as well to verify that you are a good tenant. 

Personally, I get wary at Apartment Listings that insist on a particular Credit Score (Which is actually Illegal in some places) and also Landlords that won't accept A recently pulled report from another search. You are entitled to a copy of any credit report run, and if another Landlord won't accept it, I'd be wary that all they really want is the money that they charge to run a report. In some ways, this could shake out a Landlord that might be shady, and no one wants that!  

I hope this info helps!

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Your Credit Scores Should Be Free. And Now They Are.

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