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How can i bring up my credit score
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Be patient

I have a story for you, a "bad score to great score" story, and maybe it will help you.

Almost 5 years ago, I decided I wanted to buy a house. I signed up for all the free credit score sites, like creditkarma, to keep track of my score. I started about 560. My husband and I had a business failure, so our credit sucked. I had a foreclosure (never foreclosed on, we sold the house and made enough profit to live there rent-free for a year), a judgment, a sales tax lien from our business, and several credit c ards with balances I knew I could never pay off, and an old cell phone bill. Even though my score was low, I decided to apply for a Capitol One card, and to my surprise, got a card with a $300 limit. That card now has a $3000 limit. About a year later, I applied for another Cap One card, got approved with a $500 limit. That card now has a $7500 limit. My bad debts started to go away, because the 7 year limit was being reached. The foreclosure went first, then the credit cards, then the judgment. One of my cats became critically ill, requiring a trip to the ER in the wee hours of the morning. I had to get a Care Credit card, and was approved for a $2300 limit, which was recently raised to $3300. After waiting for almost 4 years from the time I first decided I was going to buy a home, the tax lien went away and I was able to qualify for a mortgage. September of last year, I purchased a home. I had several thousand dollars saved, but I still had to use state down payment assistance of $15,000. I was able to replace some of my old furniture with my left over savings. A few months ago, the last bad item on my report, the cell phone bill, dropped off. Last week, I purchased a new, 2016, Corolla, and my score was so high (upper 720s) that I didn't even need to income qualify.

In the meantime, while waiting for the score to improve and knowing how badly I wanted to buy a house, every single decision that in any way influenced my finances was decided with this in mind. We  took no vacations, not even a night in a hotel, for almost 7 years. I added several part-time jobs for extra income (I work a full-time job I love but pays poorly, and 3 part-time merchandising jobs. Yes, I work a lot). We rarely ate out, hardly ever saw a movie, and although we love live theater, saw no shows for several years because of the cost. In the past 3.5 years, we've been able to go on 3 cruises (#4 coming up in January), take a road trip to PA and DE to visit friends and family, have a weekend in St Augustine, I visited my brother in DE in May, and in a week we're going to Gatlinburg. We still don't eat out often, nor do we see a lot of movies (mostly because of time limits), but we do occassionaly see a live show, and I've become a huge fan of our local Fringe Festival, which is here the last 2 weeks in May. I kept my 1998 Corolla with 246,000 miles on it until I felt comfortable adding a car payment, something I haven't had for 12 years.

I'm using a little more of my available credit than I like, but we had an expensive year-HUGE vet bill for another very ill cat (he survived and is thriving, the other kitty passed within 6 weeks), a roof leak, a couple of other pet illnesses, some car repairs, and a roof leak. Unexpected expenses go up, non-essential spending goes down. We had originally planned to take a Mediterranean cruise this year, but couldn't afford it because of these expenses, so we're taking a road trip instead.

The moral of the story is, if you're patient, watch your spending, pay ALL of your bills in a timely manner, you can go from bad credit to great credit. I really feel a huge sense of accomplishment at what I've done.

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