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how can i bring my credit score up real fast?
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If you have credit cards, keep the balances below 30% of the credit limit at all times, never miss a payment, pay more than the min. monthly payment if possible, don't close a credit card acct. and don't open new ones, unless you have none. Doing this alone will raise your credit score within several months or so. 

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If you pay off old debts, you need to make sure they delete them off you credit report before you pay, its called  pay for delete. If you pay the debt it will stay on your credit report for 7 years and will be negative and read "settled with an amount less than owed" (something to that effect) I knocked off one collection on two of the credit companies reports and it raised my score 20 pts according to credit karma in two days

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Good morning Azach84,

How did or do you go about doing the " pay for delte" on old credit cards to help increase your score? Is there a process to go by for this actioning?

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When you pay for delete do you do that directly with the collections company the debt is being collected thru? Do you just verbally ask them that on the phone? Or do you get a letter confirming it before you pay??

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I had a collection account I had negotiatated on.  I told them, I will pay the account off if they delete.  I sent a letter with the payment stating, per our agreement, on (the date of the conversation) if you accept this payment as paid in full, you will delete the account from all 3 CRA per the agreement.  The account was deleted.  I hope this helps.  Remember, not everyone will delete! 

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 Start disputing some of the negative accounts,some will slip through the 30 day response and will be corrected. Keep doing this also while an account is under dispute it can't be used. Then it is just a matter of will power and time.

Good luck

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how do you dispute negative accounts?Do i write a letter? And what do you mean? Can i dispute a late payment on a creditcard that shows up on my report ? And what do you mean by "keep doing this"? keep disputing it?

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When you find out, let me know. I paid off my second mortgage and my credit score has fallen significantly. I've accumulated several inquiries when I obtained some loans. That decreased my credit scores. When I paid off these loans, my credit score fell again.  I inquired about a refinance loan with a well known mortgage company and than ran my credit score five times over a years time (I only authorized them to pull it twice.) and they won't remove the unauthorized ones. That reduced my credit score.

I've had on time payments for three years and secured four unsecured loans and paid them off. That didn't increase my score. I've paid off one credit card and that didin't increase my credit score. My credit card utilization is at 30% this month and I have a very good debt to income ratio. It really seems to baffle me.

My advice is to refraim from credit inquiries as much as possible, refute negative credit items with the credit bureaus, keep you credit card utilization under 20% or even 10% if possible and make on time payments.

But, it is frustrating to attempt to establish credit and yet minimize credit inquiries.

Good luck.

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credit scores never rise real fast, they only fall real fast, and that takes something like a missed payment to happen.

as another poster had suggested - pay your bills on time, every time.  

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 I have had negative info(disputed accounts) on my report that went know where and have been there  for more than  7 years.Some have been paid and settled, what do I do now?  

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do not close old accounts

I closed an account I had for 20 yrs only because I had two many cards and it brought down mt credit score 16 points!

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hello, i been wanting to dispute old accounts that has been paid off already.. but i never done it... how do i do it.? do i just write a letter to the creditors asking to disput the old accounts that i took care of ?

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  I have had negative info(disputed accounts) on my credit report and have been there  for more than  7 years.Most have been paid some  settled, my score hasent changed what do I do now?  

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