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how accurate is credit karma
credit karma tells me im in the low 600s but different sites like quizzle tells me my score is in the 700s whats the deal i also hear that ck is not that accurate.

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They are off

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My score at Credit Karma said 731.   So,  I go in to buy a car and find out it's 618.  WTF?    Get your sheeit together CK and figure out how there can be such a huge diff in scores?     I wouldn't rely on CK at all.   NO way.  Embarrased me at the dealership as I kept getting turned down by lender after lender.    

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They have incorrect information in mine and actually encouraged me to file bakruptcy

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The scores they show are considered "educational" and are not the real FICO scores that lenders use.  In order to get your real credit score, you need to go to and pay for them.  Every time you want to see your real score, you have to pay for them again.  The same thing goes for the credit card companies that give you "free" credit scores.  They are also "educational" and are not the real scores either.

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Extremely wrong

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My true FICO scores were 100 points LOWER than what Credit Karma said they were, This should NOT be used to even remotely monitor your credit score like the commercial says! The information on my credit karma does NOT match my true reports either...and I even waited until CK updated and then pulled my reports the same day. NOWHERE close. Very unhappy with Credit Karma and will discontinue use IMMEDIATELY as well as all friends and family. 

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Credit Karma is not accurate

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I pulled my FICO and Credit Karma scores at the same time.

My FICO score is in the 800s. Credit Karma was listing 620 for me. It's inaccurate by over 150 points.

I was shocked, since I've never missed a single payment. I would not trust the Credit Karma score.

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CK runs low in my experience

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In my own experience CK has been 20-45 points lower than FICO. Of course it's just an estimate tool, but if it's going to be off I'd rather be surprised that my true score is actually higher than I thought it was than lower. 

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Not perfect but helpful.

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My CK score says I have 671.  I purchased all three scored at myfico and I really had 655 656 and experian claims 715?? they are vary and it is all quite hard to figure out this numbers game...but hey at least we are all trying to figure it out!  I think CK helps one to learn what generally affects your score and how.

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CK Transrisk score

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As part of my preparation for buying a house, I bought all three of my credit scores directly from TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. The CK TransRisk score is not the same as any of them, and is far lower than any of them.

I realize the TranskRisk score is based on data pulled from TransUnion's database, but it is not the same as TransUnion's -- or any of the others. Thankfully, TransRisk is also not used by lenders. I say thankfully because it is for me far worse than my credit really is. I have mid- to high 700s in the "real" scores, and mid 600s from CK Transrisk. The difference would be enough to cost me a lot of money, if the TransRisk score was anything but a toy.

I know this is just one man's experience, but my experience has been that TransRisk is not accurate, either numerically or directionally, and not used by the lending industry. In short, I put no faith in it.

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They have incorrect information on mine many accounts closed and they show open

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makeit happen

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To all who use Credit Karma. i would reconmend only to use as a advice tool since the only real way to get credit scores is through the three credit score agencies. We were looking to buy a house so i called a mortgage company to see what we would need to do to fix our credit and be able to get into a home since our scores on credit Karma showed our scores in the high 500s and to our surprize our scores are actually in the middle 600s and we are able to purchase a home with out having to fix our credit.

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CK is none sense obviously they make scores lower to make you purchase thier credit rebuilding material. My credit union pulled my credit 720. CK says 670. Not even close

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It isn't CK it's Transunion --

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Transunion is the issue, they seen to NEVER update your actual credit usage.  Mine has been vastly different for months yet, month after month, its still showing the same balances.

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Scores are not 100% accurate

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I agree, CK reports 720-724 on my credit scores, where as I got a letter in the mail that stated my current score was 692 (after trying to apply for a credit card). Use CK only as an education tool and pay for the real scores elsewhere.

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