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Can a collections account be listed twice on my credit report?
One is a charge off from the original creditor and the other is the current collection agency?

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I have the same collections account listed on my reports, but on one the account reads as closed, but the other reads as open. They were involved in a bankruptcy, but show up. 

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Was just told by the Federal Trade Commission that it is illegal to multiple post dings for the same thing on your credit report.  The FTC is the controling agency for the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  I called one creditor who had done this and threatened them and it was removed by the next reporting date.  The only bureau you have problems with is TransUnion who incidentally owns Karma.

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Yes credit karma is right. you can have multiple negative reports from one derogatory or deliquent credit account. But the good thing is you can have the duplicates removed. I did. The original creditor has sold your charge off or collection account to another lenders or agency, so they technically do not have the right or vested interest to continue to report that negative account to the credit bureaus. I disputed a negative credit card acct because it had been reported by 3 different companies: the orig. creditor, and two collection agencies. I got the original creditor negative report & one of the other collection agencies removed so now it only reports the newest collection agency on my report who bought that c/o acct from the others. They should be the only one reporting the negative acct. Try it and see if that works for you. Sincerely, warking09 at anewbeginning....

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How did you go about disputing it. Did u dispute it with the credit agency or the actual creditor and collection agency?

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I have two accounts duplicated from two different collection agencies showing up do I need to just call transunion?

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Question, did you dispute it through credit Karma or through the credit bureaus, TransUnion or Equifax?

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Duplicate collections

I had a collector that posted my account in collections and when I paid the one time payment, they were supposed to stop all processes of legal and collections according to the letter. After making the payment they removed it from my credit report and reposted it again under collections once more. Can they do this of posting and removing when the one time payment was made, to not honor their letter and post account in collections once again on my account? 

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Thank you for this information. I will try it out.

Will I need to go to the major three credit bureaus to dispute?

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How can I raise my score

Paying all bills on time is the first step.

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Debt Listed Twice On Credit Report.

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I have two of the same collections from the same company listed twice on my credit report. One year apart. I filed a dispute to get one removed because it doesn't make sense to have 2 derogatory marks when its one debt.

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