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Has anyone used the connect accounts link yet? Just wondering how safe it is. Thanks
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Strong NO

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I like CK. From what I have read and my personal opinion, this is a legit site. However, I wouldn't go so as far as providing them with my bank passwords.

To gain access to our accounts, they will have to store the passwords in clear text some where (no salt/encryption). Even if it isn't CK's intention, all it takes is a rouge employee or stolen/lost laptop or a hacker and all our bank accounts will be comprimised.

Plus, banks do a great job against phishing etc., with their image keys. With web api access, credit karma bypasses that added layer of security against phishing. There is no gaurentee their servers are talking to the bank servers.

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Thanks for your input......I am going to play it safe and disconnect all the accounts I connected. The last thing I need is someone getting access to my accounts, or my accounts being compromised.


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Just saying

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I have been using this site for about a year my whole life is hook up to it. I have never had ant problems with fraud or credit stealing. I must say though even if they stole 100,000.00  all my account are 1oo% fraud protected with the provider of the card. Choose who you do business with and sit back and relax. I read all the post to funkytown 76 I suggestion is he read the terms of agreement of this site and then make a informed decission. Of all the negitive responces to his question how many of you actually lost money that wasn't recoverd of added back on your account ?????. If you didnt make the purchase call you card company and report the fraud they will close that account and send you a new card. Remember don't try to be sneaky almost every place you swip a card has some hidden camera. I vote to hook up everything and watch what going on in your life while your asleep.

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I have nad it is safe. CK is a very secure site and it is a legitimate site. There are worries that they are tracking purchases and selling that information to marketers; however the Owner has represented that is not the case.  The site is as secure as your password essentially. As long as no one gets access to your password, you should not have any problems.

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Don't do it!!!!

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I linked my Discover card to this site and became a victim of fraud. An individual racked up $500 worth of purchases within a week on I no longer trust this site and I'm fortunate that I listened to my first mind and did not link my Amex and Freedom cards as well. Do NOT provide this site with any of your personal financial information!!!!

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I also was a victim of fraud but it WAS NOT this website. Around the time of your posting, an individual bought $1000 gift cards (in $250 increments) to my discover card on Talked to Discover, turns out someone exploited or got into servers and were able to use any Discover card credit card number stored in the server. It was entirely Walmart's fault for being hackable.

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Well I wouldn't say yes or no

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When you opened your account didn't you provided your Social Security Number, Address, Name, Contact Information, Email Address.  Just consider how long you have had the account and go from there.  Any problems yet? But still I can see where it sounds a little scary though but in honest opinion unless the credits you have open dont have any sort of monitoring system like CK, than dont do it.  All my accounts except one have a great way of monitoring purchases and some don't for example Chase Business card INK. Food for thought.

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Nice post

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sonnyhoney54... your words, "Stop living a fraidy cat life"... "fraidy cat" is an irrational accusation when it comes to finances. I mean don't be scared, give me your account credit card numbers, passwords, and any other access codes needed to use them... you wouldn't without a certain level of trust, right? I would hope not. That is what this site asks of you with the linked accouns feature. There must be trust first. Asking others is only the first level of research prior to trusting the site's mnagement with that kind of information.

funkytown76... your words, "I just like to be well informed, before I make a Decision that could potentially have some negative consequences in my life, as most [sic] Grown ups do"... Perfectly said. I saw you are a navyfederal member... do you have either of their credit cards. I love NFCU, I just wanted to make sure I pick the right card. Any opinion on that would be appreciated.

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I trust this site, But .......

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I conected my accounts just to see how things looked and to see what changed . 

I did it out of curiosity . I took a quick glance at things and i didnt feel too safe . 

Me personally having WAY too much Conected to this site makes me feel NOT safe 

at all .  I quickly removed my accounts from this site . 

CK Its a great  site and all , BUT still thats a little too much risk for me . 

Sorry . 


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