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does it hurt my score if I cancel a credit card?
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Yes, it can have a negative impact on your open credit utilization % and you average age of open accounts especially if it is your oldest trade line. You can use the credit simulator here on Credit Karma to see how much it will affect your score if you close out your oldest line of credit. Even if its not your oldest line of credit you choose to close your credit score may still fall.

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yes. I learned this the hard way.  I thought to pay off a  accouont and then close it was a good thing to show that you were responsible to pay and then close accounts that you would not be  using anytime soon.  My credit was negatively imlpacted and it took me a while to figure out why.  It does not affect your score if the creditor closes it for lack of use.  I learned from Clark Howard(TV show) that you should always keep your account open, or let the creditor close it.

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