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Credit score discrepancy
My Transunion score currently showing in Credit Karma is 682. While trying to apply for a loan for home improvement the lender that denied me said my Transunion score is 596. Why the difference?

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Here's why

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Credit Karma is not a consumer advocacy website. You have to understand that Credit Karma is just a way for creditcard companies to market to potential customers. I discovered this as well when beginning the process of applying for a home loan, I saw the scores on CK and decided, just to be sure, that i would pay the $7.95 fee from the top three rating agencies (TU, EQ & EX). It was then that i discovered that the CK scores were about 100 points higher than the ACTUAL scores being reported by the agencies.

The best thing to do is to get the free annual report from each agency, pay for the score information, then go to a lender and sit down with one of their representatives and discuss what changes they would like to see you make in order to qualify for a loan. If you pull the hardcopies of the credit reports you can compare them to what is reflected in CK and you're likely to see glaring differences. I've done this recently and noticed that the balance information on most of the loans is reflected completely incorrectly on CK and, oddly, my car loan info isn't even reflected on this site, which seems odd if you're to believe they're pulling and updating info from the rating agencies.

Relying on the info coming out of CK is never ever advised, think about CK as a "for entertainment purposes only", marketing site. 

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I'm assuming the Lender was using FICO and not VantageScore

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Vantage vs. FICO

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There are many different credit scores and scales. Credit Karma is currently showing Vatage 3.0 scores (3rd major release). Vantage is a venture by the 3 credit agencies to compete with FICO. FICO is used in 90% of credit decisions and so for me it's the one that really matters. FICO Score 8 is the current version but they are coming out with Score 9 soon (if not already). 

I watch my FICO scores through Discover and American Express (free with each card) and use Credit Karma to see what's on my report. I find it to be accurate when I get my free annual report so I trust KC to show data. I find Vantage 3.0 scores to be 15-20 points higher than FICO Score 8.

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Vantage score is useless

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The credit scores CK gives you is a vantage score.  Hardly anyone uses vantage.  Don't rely on CK to give you enough info to decide if you will qualify for a loan.

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My scores

I'm reading responses that state CK's scores are lower than our "real" scores. Unfortunately I have found the opposite true. My scores on CK are higher than other reports I have seen so I just accepted that I need to see my scores much higher on CK before I can guess what they really are. 

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Waiting a bit does wonders! Sapphire preferred whooop whooooop!!!!!

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The way it's calculate.  I suggest re-reading the articles on this site so you can better understand credit scores.  That is the purpose of Credit Karma.

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