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Credit score 578 can I get an home loan anywhere
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Just based on score, it is unlikely.  Becasue of the housing meltdown, much of which was caused by risky loans, additional regulations and guidelines have been put in place for the industry when it comes to granting mortgages.

The score I see referenced the most as a 'minimum' is 620, but other factors come into play that can reduce the perceived risk to the bank. 

The amount you can put as a downpayment on the home comes into play.  If you can put a substantial amount as a downpayment, it reduces the risk.  Keep in mind that the costs to the bank for a foreclosure, between legal, administrative, and drop in sale price is typically in the $20-40k range.  If you can put 25% ($40k) down on a $160k home, it is a consideration that can help.

Also, the area where the house is located comes into play, as well.  Are housing prices stable, or is there a chance that they may erode even more significantly?  This plays into risk, as well.  If you can put down 25%, what are the odds that erosion of the value in that area takes the home from having equity to being underwater?

There are other factors that can come into play, such as a long-standing positive relationship with the financial institution extending you the loan.

But, again, just based on your score, it is unlikely.

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