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Is there a reason that my CK score would go from around 530 one day, up to 550 the next day, then on a whim I check it today (one day later again) and now it's down to 519? I know scores fluctuate with what gets added/taken away from the report, but I have done far as inquiries or adding more debt or anything. The only thing that MAY have happened is something "falling off" of my report due to the 7 year deal.

Any help is appreciated

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I call it consiracy with the banks, since credit scores were made by banks, the banks want to make more money! I have been tring to improve my credit, come Jan 2012 it will be a year, I have been working on it. I hate identity theft, which I would not be supprised if this was done by a inside job! I have paid over $800 proffessionals and nonprofits alike. I had a 620 in the begging of the year Oct it was 589 dec 590. Crazy that this discrimination is allowed by the government! It was never voted in to law that this is legal to use by the people of the United States! 85% of my information is incorrect!!!!.... They can not keep fair records of peoples credit  and we the consumers are paying for it.  So much for fighting for a country that allows this discrimination against my fellow Americans!!!!... What did I ever fight for in the Armed Forces?????.....

Sincerely very discused with Credit and Credit Scores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...............

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Hi  i am having the same problem. I have discrepancies on my report since 2009 but the credit bureaus won't take it off. I even sent tEquifax a copy of a paid judgement and it still says pending.

my problem is bottom feeders, such as Portfolio Recovery and LMNV. Portfolio Recovery is stuck to my report like glue. The only reason I cannot take it off is because PR keeps saying I am paying 50 a month, which is translated as an acknowledgement on my part of the debt. They have yet to legally validate anything for me. I am no sure why the Credit Bureaus allow this.

This week my score dropped 22 points because  a bottom feeder( aka -junk debt buyers) reported me as a "Major Delinquency." I don't even know when I was a minor one.LMNV is notorious for this type of action.  If one bottom feeder is not sucessful in getting their account paid, then turn around and sell it to another bottom feeder. They use ony a few numbers of an account.  But usually it is the same numbers. So this LMNV account has the same numbers of another account that hasn't had any activity on it since 2009. So this ## is reported 2x on my report as negative activity.

I monitor my report from other sources as well as CK. Which is wonderful because it is gratis and accurate.  Remember that some Credit bureaus will have different data depending on the credit bureau that they reported the negative info. (what shows up on of the 3 bureaus , may not be the same as the other two.

As you mentioned above, there needs to be legislation to stop this type of action. I refrain from applyng for any credit so my score will not dive.  That is a major mistake I made one time,

Something important to note is that I get calls all day long from collectors asking for other people. I thougth it was me but I have a frirend who gets the same calls from the same collectors. We are both on the Do Not Call List.  I tell them they have the wrong person, stop the calls for a while then they resume. You try to call them back and there is a message the # has been disconnected or no one picks up.

Some trivia for you.  Portfolio Recovery is one of the largest bottom feeder debt collectors out there.  I get calls all day long from phone numbers wiht different names and numbers. When I google the numbers, they all belong to PR. I beileve I read somewhere that they use somewhere in teh range of 50 different numbers to decieve consumers.  Also, LNMV is a subsidiary of another low life debt collector, the law firm of Pressler and Pressler.  If you ignore LNMV than P&P will file a judgement against you.

Forster Garbus and Garbus law firm, filded a judgement against me for a debt that wasn't mine. I fought it in court, and in NJ they have mediators. I sat in a room and the lawyer couldn't find any papers on me. She called the home office and they didnt' either. She told me it must have been a macy's account. I told her I don't have a Macy's account. I had to appear again in court.  Another lawyer came to prepresent them and they could not verify the debt was mine so they dismissed the judgement.  BUT, it was still listed on one of my CB reports. I sent a copy of the dismissed judgment and it was taken off immediately. 

I regret that I ever opened any credit cards, especially that when I lost my job in 2007 I was too sick to pay any attention to what was happening.

It is a sin that whenever I disupte the Portfolio Recovery items, I get back a response from the  e CB that the acocun tis verified. Yes, only verfied because they created it, which does not mean it is valid. I have thought about reaching out to get soe legal help, but as long as there guys are around, trouble remains.

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 What I can say is my score is a 615 on here and went in to refinance my bike and they said it was a 645 now why is that?  also i have had a charge card for 4 yrs and it says my oldest charge card is 1yr 9mo old???????? 

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Your score reported on here is not your FICO score which is what the banks look at to get you financed. This is just one bureau and its an estimate to help you get an idea of where you are in terms of credit.

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30 pts lower?  that dont make any sence to me........the bank goes with transunion and that is what this site goes by so really i dont understand that........

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