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correct clearly erroneous credit scores in crKarma
In Nov did $ 4000 bal transfer. approved 12/5, paid off 12/8 On 12/26 my debt was doubled to $ 8000 cause shown on both accts and my cr score dropped 30 pts due to new debt/credit ration. how to correct. How do I repair
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Well I would not worry about it right now,  would wait for 2 things.  One would be the statement from the company that had the debt paid off.  That along with the Balance transfer is your information that it was paid off.  The second thing to wait on would be another 30 day after you received that statement and then check your Credit Score.  Companies do not send updates of your information daily to the Credit Bureaus.  Your information is updated about once a month.  Might be a before, few days after or weeks when payment has been posted to your account.

GIve it time it will happen.

Good Luck.

Credit History takes TIME, so does your Credit Score.

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