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checking on my credit score with credit karma does it take points want i click update my score
I want to know if checking my score on credit karma is taking points off my score when i click update my credit score my score has gone down a lot, I want to get it back up how can i do that in a fast way
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When you authorize CK to check your score through TransUnion, it is a "soft inquiry" (initiated) by you and does NOT impact your credit score whatsoever. If it has gone down "a lot", you should obtain a free copy of your free credit report (1 free report from each agency, once a year) from and check to make sure that the information on all 3 reports is accurate. (Assuming, of course, you don't already know why your score is going down).

You should be able to find exactly what's caused your score to go down so that you can remedy that. If it's actions taken by you, rather than incorrect information, there is no "quick fix" - time will heal the mistakes you made as long as you are responsible with your credit.

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