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BMW is the Devil killing our score! Help!
I am no angel but this is nuts right? Sorry, this is long! I have been lurking for a long time and finally want to seek advice.

I have 4 cc's. Kohls-paid in full, NM under 30%, Best Buy - under 30%, Capital one over 50% and will be since it is a business expense card. BMW is evil, never go with BMW Financial! The cards and BMW is our only debt.

BMW Backstory; In late 2014 business bled into personal and we had to fund payroll ourselvsf. I asked BMW for deferments for each car. They approved via phone so we paid the next month on our due dates via autopay.

Fast forward a year and half later and learn they have reported us late 13 times! I called and they said they denied the deferment and tried to call us. We have bought cars from them for 10 years yet they claim they called us. Well they did but the number was over 6 years old. However we have submitted all our current numbers and emails in 2012 and 2013 when we traded our cars in. It seems clear they never checked the new contracts to update our number in their systems. We didn't get paper statements either. I am not sitting around waiting on their emailed statements because we have autopay. Half the time it ends up in junk mail. ALWAYS DO PAPER STATMENTS WITH BMW!! Painful lessons learned.

BMW is the only negatives we have and it's hurting our score over 100 points! We have tried everything! Goodwill letter, Credit companies, filing complaints with CFPB and much more. Our due dates are both the 17th. We paid on the 15th and 16th so in our minds we paid early! They report it as 29 and 30 days late! You literally can see how logical this is yet BMW refuses to understand what they did to us by backing out on the deferment then by not updating their internal records with current phone numbers!

So here's the impact of what they are doing; we moved into this house we are renting because we had a plan to buy from the owner in October, the owner is counting on it being bought! But we can't if BMW won't step up. We don't have a ton of credit cards or creditors so BMW weighs heavily on our score. We need 85% points to qualify since it's a conventional loan. Owners needs to sell it so we may lose our home. We even put our own money into it.

Yes I should have followed up with BMW but when they approve it you move it out of your mind because life is busy you just move on. Yes we should have checked our credit report before this happened to us. We literally have everything on autopay so we thought we were fine and plugging away toward our goal of buying our house. We have the down payment ready to go too!

So never trust what they say, don't agree to anything unless you get it all in writing.

A little salt in the wound; sadly the partner we have worked with for 11 years embezzled and also stole our personal property... so that **** deferment was all for NOT! Now we are burned from every direction. I don't feel sorry for myself, I am just ****ed off at how avoidable it all was!

So many stupid painful lessons learned!!

Can anyone suggest ideas to improve my scores or if you had success in dealing with anything like this situation with BMW? Thanks a ton!

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