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Best credit repair company?
Want to get certain items deleted from my credit

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Vet pricing is for actual vets!!!

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As if it wasn't bad enough what with deception in the business world, we also have to deal with deceptive sneaky consumers.
I don't mind you asking for water at taco bell and getting soda, I'm sure they don't mind either.
But saying you're military or a vet to get a discount is not good.

The services and pricing we offer military personnel and vets and extend to their families has to be varified. I'm tired of people calling in with the whole schpeel and then can't produce the dd214, dd215 form for honorable discharge. That don't have a VA card. That can't verify anything!

Forging official documents is a crime, passing oneself off as a vet is a federal offense. We don't tolerate that. This is called stolen valor and it's dispicable. Want to be a vet? Go and serve your country. I'm not a vet, a broken back marked me unacceptable after 9/11. But I have plenty of friends who are. And this is for them, for the real people who have and continue to serve their country.

We are the lowest priced because it's right to be so. We offer our pricing as a courtesy not because we receive grants or federal funding.

Thank a vet, but him/her a drink, stop them and say "thank you". But don't shame the uniform. It won't get you a free ride with us.

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A clean slate credit Consultants

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I went with a clean slate credit consultants in Miami. Very nice people who will listen and don't lie. Very strange to find this in this city. I can see the haters coming out of the woodpile for sure. My husband and I are both happy so far. Worth a look.

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Happy with a clean slate credit consultants. I am a client. Fair and funny people. Very normal. Simple people that take their time.

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A clean slate nonprofit

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Is hands down the best credit repair in the industry, planet and galaxy. These people are advocates and activists mostly so don't expect a sales culture and upselling. Don't expect fancy words and fancy websites. They have a a twisted sense of humor but a cast iron sense of honor. Look for the donkey mascot, after all the competitors are the real jackasses anyway.

Pricing is $25, $35 or $59 but during July and some other Holliday's they basically give it away.

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A clean slate credit is a good place to learn they everything but the decietful sales tactics
cleanslatecredit. org

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credit repair

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Who has repaired thier credit themselfs or who what company did you use ? I've been trying to get my credit repair for the longest time, the last 3 years. Any tips would be amazing. 

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Reliant Credit Repair

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I used this company after seeing their reviews here on Credit Karma and Google. When I called they gave me a free consultation and credit advice. They were very helpful and took their time on the phone and didnt get frustrated when I said I needed some time to think about it. I decided to make the decision to get started with them and im glad I did. They got a public record removed from my report which brought my scores up about 30 points alone, they also removed two medical bills, and now I only have 1 Verizon account left in dispute. They did set the expectations and told me the process could take anyhwere between 6-9 months and so far I am satisfied. I needed to get a new car at the bginning of this month and so they gave me a $250 voucher towards a down payment on my new car. I am very very satisfied.

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The only things you can dispute and possibly get removed from your credit reports are WRONG entries and you can do that yourself.  Just read the information on this site so you can learn how credit really works and how to go about filing a dispute.After all, tedaching how credit really works is the focus of Credit Karma.

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Reliant Credit Repair

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Used them and recommended them to a few of my friends. first of all the financial aspect, i referred 3 friends got my monthly fee waived then joined their affiliate program and got paid for all three referrals lol talk about a bargain, but in terms of the results i recieved steady increases in my scores monthly and my friends have similar results. they make it affordable without compromising the quality of the process, in my opinion at least. they are totally worth trying and so for those reasons i do recommend them! 

really think about it you can get your credit repair practically free if you refer people totally worth it you guys. especially when youre trying to pay things down while doing this they really give you a chance to breathe and redee yourself.

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You cannot simply pay to get accounts deleted. Credit repair companies are limited to what they can do. With some reading you can handle what you need done by yourself, there really is no need to hire someone, but that is your choice to make. Google reviews of credit repair companies to aid you if you go that route.

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