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bankruptcy with credit score of 715, no negative creditors
I strated with 514 and now its 715. I disputed the creditors and now show I open account and one closed, but I owe discover 32k and they went to court to persue me for ten more years. since no one is kisted negatively on my report(s), and I still owe thsat debt, how will bankruptcy affect my GOOD score?

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Unfortunetly, I had to file for backruptcy. It will be less than a year that I had to file. My credit score has bounced back to 680 before I filed it was less than 550. I was able to finance a new car with the interest rate of 12% and my credit card at 10%.  I make all my payments on time. I guess backruptcy isn't for everyone but when you are in dept of over eighty thousand. Sometimes bankruptcy may be one of the only solutions. Good Luck

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Credit easier after Bankruptcy

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The reason people are able to get credit so easy after bankruptcy is that creditor knows you cannot file again for 7 years.  So they can garnish your wages, take money from your bank account with a court judgement and you can't do anything about it.

So if you file bankruptcy, take it as a fresh start and use credit wisely afterwards.  Don't get into debt trouble and you will be able to establish a good credit history over time. 

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How do I get all the information on what all I owe to be able to file bankruptcy?

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How long does it take before you see your credit score change in bankrutpcy>

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File for Divorce.  You have to look out for you and your children.  That is if you have no love for this marriage..

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Don't file bankruptsy!!!!!  It will knock all your good credit away. Talk with them to see if you can make a workable repayment schedule or even a deal where you settle on a set amount and pay a lump sum payment to be done with it. Or get a lpoan to pay off discover which is hurting you and pay the lloan back. That will also boost your score up more

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Bankruptcy does not affect your credit. I know a couple that filed backruptcy and within 6 months, they bought 2 new cards and were approved for a number of credit cards and their credit score was already up to 680!!! I  have no late payment on my report but one collection and can't get credit or get  my score up to theirs. I'm thinking maybe I'd be better off filing bankruptcy!

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its going to bring it down a lot but how do you have a 715 score wih a debit owed of 32k?

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very confused

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I have been married for sixteen years but for the last four years me and my husband have lived separated. We never divorced, one o reason for that is we have four kids together. He also has really good health insurance at his job. We both had to file for bankruptcy.

I have been taking care of my credit, I pay my credit card on time and my car, also my insurance.

He on the other hand has not been doing what he should be doing by paying his credit cards on time.

Can his bad habits of not paying his credit cards on time be bad for my credit because were still married?

Is it better to just file for divorce?

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Yes you are married and so legally some of your debts can be considered mutual. It is in the best interest to get divorced. I waited and am still struggling to clean up my credit 9 years later as he had bad spending habits I was unaware of. 

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