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bankruptcy in 05 can i get a home depot card?
Hey Guys,

Recently i just checked my credit scored

s and i am currently showing 711 Equifax 706 Exp and 706 TU been the sam since last Aug 2014. Really not sure why because ive used my credit cards and pay them off on time every month. No late payments currently. but in june 2005 i went bankrupt to repair my credit from past medical bills. Anyway. in 2009 i had a divorce in which we both where on the house i short saled but it was under a VA loan which they covered and paid. Now on Experian it shows paid legallyfor less than full balance. status paid and closed. Equifax shows 120 days late settlement accepted on account showed under payment ok?? TU shows foreclosure/discontinued 120 days late. both equifax and TU show my BANKRUPTCY BUT EXP DOES NOT. I am confused how these 3 companys can show mis information and not valid and correct information because this is something that will effect me in every aspect, from a place to rent, a job, car insurance and getting any type of loan. currently i have a pc richard card with a 3200 limit with 200.00 only charged a bank of amerrica CC with a 3500 CL with 1300 charged all pay more than balance due. Can i get approved for a lowes card or home depot card ? also i bought a double wide home in 2012 and my mortgage is 374.00. paid on time with 1st Niagara. Apparently i got approved in 2012 and ive heard its harder to get a loan for a manufactured loan then a regular mortgage for a house. I have a car payment from Aug with wells fargo all bills paid on time no late payments showin in good credit standing. Thanks if anyone can help.

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