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Anyone Else Finding Credit Scores Unhelpful?
I am DEFINITELY finding that my Credit Scores Aren't Helpful!

Trying to get my credit back on track after years of feeling like there was no hope for me. There are dragons yet to be slain--a bad judgment at year 4; a small and inaccurate Verizon bill in the hands of one of the most notorious of collectors for a phone I have long since ceased to operate--though the collector shows it as being a delinquency in the past year; an old collection that will drop off in three months without intervention; a student loan which I mismanaged but am rehabilitating; and then the three student loans reporting late payments from a year ago that shouldn't be. Resolution will come, all in good time, I have learned.

But, I have decided it is almost without purpose to look at credit scores. There is so much variation, even when it is from the same bureau. It just doesn't do to focus on that aspect.

My new strategy is to aim for ridding my report of mis-information, maintaining a positive payment history, carefully nurturing the newly budded credit lines I have a acquired and keeping balances decidedly below 20%....doing all the things that we are advised to do in order to successfully play this curious financial game. It will just take time.

If I am doing everything right, my numbers should start looking good...eventually--when I have my ducks in a row and enough time has passed. Dragons aside, I hope to someday make some steps toward bigger financial plans. (I don't know...that darn unfair judgment may just insure my retirement digs are a cardboard box under a bridge...seriously).

Tracking the report is wise. But I have come to the conclusion that trying to base my sense of success and how much I am improving on a score that is all over the place is a crazy-maker!

I have more than a one hundred point spread from my lowest number to my highest--though the information in all three bureaus is the same. But the most frustrating thing is the variation in scores from the same bureau. I have scores ostensibly from Experian that range from 583 to 633. All were reported on the same day, but from different gateways. This just validates that each entity from whom you ultimately apply for credit will use the same data in very different ways.

All we can do is the best we can do and, once we have shaped our credit to best represent ourselves, hopefully we will have the opportunities to access the most that this crazy system can offer.

It is kind of like what they say these days about weight. Eat right. Exercise. Drink plenty of water. Breathe fresh air. You'll be healthier. Stop focusing on the scale.

Here are my current numbers. This is why I think I will just focus on being 'healthy' and forget about these guys:

MyFico: 696 (The Godfather of all credit scores. Pretty Decent, but...)

EXPERIAN/ExperianDirect (PLUS): 633 (...then there is this. Meh...)

EXPERIAN/Quizzle: 583 (...and this!...Now, we are talking....BAD!)

EXPERIAN/CreditSesame: 618 (...although, it can also be slightly less bad...but still bad!)


TransUnion/ExperianDirect (PLUS): 633

Equifax/ExperianDirect(PLUS): 632

Your Credit Scores Should Be Free. And Now They Are.

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you have the right mindset keep your new credit lines in check paying on time and keeping utilization below 20% those are the keys to a healthy credit far as your ranging scores I can tell you for a fact that creditkarma credit sesame and quizzle while they all get there info from there respective bureaus they each use a different scoring formula so they will differ from the actual bureaus score ie: my CK and real Transunion score are 36 points apart with my CK being lower then my real score now quizzle they are a joke can only update once every 6 months and when my real experian score was 759 because I had just got a brand new credit card and they sent me the score in the mail quizzle tried to tell me it was 688 so i since closed out that joke of an account CK is much more relable and much more helpful as far as these direct plus places your using with mulitle bureau names involved never heard of them can go to and pay for all 3 scores along with get a free copy of your credit report from all 3 bureaus once every 366 days 

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Well...It got even more interesting today, and further confirmed the uselessness of any scoring model, really... I got a rejection letter from Cap 1, citing my Experian Score. Keeping in mind that it is Experian credit monitoring that I have been paying for (...that's where the PLUS scores come from...Experian will collect info from the other two bureaus and run the information through its credit scoring system...and then provide you with your PLUS scores for each of the three bureaus). My rejection letter cites a score of 528 from Experian on a date for which I have a copy of a full Experian credit report. My number on the report I have is 633. So...More than one hundred point difference...Fuh-get-uh-bout-it....Buying credit monitoring and scores seems to be a racket in and of itself. Sheesh!

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Your Credit Scores Should Be Free. And Now They Are.

View your scores and reports anytime.


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