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Advice for Paying Off Debts (Collections) and Why are Some Accounts Closed
Hi there everyone,

I'm looking for some general advice, I am trying to pay off what seems to be a relatively small amount of debt. In collections I have four accounts that equal $650.00, I have paid off two of them recently and will be paying off the others as soon as I am able to get ahold of the collection agencies, I am paying the amounts off in full, not it payments.

Now those ones are fairly easy, pay them and keep the receipts/confirmations/etc..., the main other ones I have a question on are some old accounts from years ago that are either showing up as closed, or that I remember from years ago but that aren't on there. I'll list them below, any help is greatly appreciated.

1. A loan from Citi financial from 2009, I know the loan was for about 1500 dollars or so and I let it get delinquent. I see this on the report showing CITI creditor as under accounts but it shows a zero balance and the highest balance of around 1500 dollars. Under remarks it just says "Account closed due to refinance" but there is nothing showing up on collections, is this hurting my credit?

2. A balance from exnmblciti, I don't remember what this is, but whats odd is that it shows a limit of 200 dollars, a balance of zero, ontime payments for 4 or 5 years, and then at the bottom it just says "account closed due to refinance", this is another one that isn't showing up in collections, its just there and I don't know what it is, based on the information above and the remarks, would this hurt my credit?

3. A paid off loan. I paid this loan off in 2015 (it was for the same amount as the citi loan) but its still showing up under accounts and has a remark of just "Closed". This one actually never went into collections, it stayed with the bank for years and when I paid it off I just went into the branch and paid the full amount, but this one does have ALOT of late payments showing up still. Is this hurting my credit, and if so how long before something like this gets taken off? The loan was taken out in 2007.

4. There is some other random miscellaneous things from a couple years ago that may still be on there but I don't see them. I did notice some stuff under removed collections that are close to the amount i remember but I never paid those, most of them are legitimate collections accounts (i think on the ones that look kind of familiar anyways), except for one from a gym about 3 or 4 years ago, I had proof that charge was illegitimate but the collections agency refused to see the proof and the gym had been bought out already when i called them to dispute it and they said they didn't have any of the paperwork or emails from before and they refused to see my cancellation paperwork. Either way is any of this stuff in the removed collections hurting my credit? I can't really see the details as clicking on them does nothing

Again thanks to anyone in advance for any advice they can offer.

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Before paying off the other collections, read about "pay for delete agreements" and try to do that if possible. Accounts labeled as "closed" or "closed due to refinance" or "closed by lender" is nothing negative and does not harm your credit. Leave these accounts alone as they are helping your credit. Late payments stay on your reports for 7 years, so you should see them disappear as each one hits the seven year mark. "Removed Collections" is a Credit Karma thing, this is not on your actual credit reports. I advise that you check your actual reports to see what is on them.

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