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Accounts Still Being Reported as "Open" Despite Being Under Chapter 7 Discharge in 2013
These are credit card accounts (not Collections). They do indicate a zero balance and history, but are still being reported as "OPEN". I have contacted EXPERIAN and officially requested that they be reported as "CLOSED", with a corresponding "CLOSED DATE", but to no avail. ARE THESE ACCOUNTS HURTING MY CREDIT by remaining in this pseudo "OPEN" status?...

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Bankruptcy does not erase your credit history and those accounts were and are part of your credit history.  They will show for at least 7 years after the bankruptcy is filed, then disappear. These aren't having a major effect on your credit but the bankruptcy is, and will for ten years from the date it was filed.  Bankruptcy is not a "fresh start" as you will discover when trying to rebuild your credit again.  That will be difficult.

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"Open"vs."Closed" Acct Reports Post C7

Thank you for the response.   

I do get that all of these accounts do not disappear post C7 Discharge.  What I DON'T get is why just a handful of these continue to post as "OPEN".  

The majority of the accounts under my Discharged C7 continue to post as expected, but as "CLOSED", and with a corresponding "CLOSED DATE" accordingly.  THOSE make sense!  (and 100% of those accounts are reported as such by TRANSUNION).  My official request to Experian to get those OTHER accounts to follow suit went nowhere.  Experian's response after their "investigation" was simply that the "Dates were Updated", and these accounts continue to post as "Open".  

The crux of my question is this: 1. Why are they insisting on doing that?, and 2. Is it detrimental to my credit to have them continue posting under this "Pseudo Open" status vs. getting them to just report going forward as "CLOSED".

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Hi, I don't know if you ever found out the answer to this, but I am going through the same thing.  I filed chapter 7 and had it discharged in 2010, but 3 of the accounts that were included and discharged still show as "open", the rest all show as closed.  They all say "discharged chpr 7 BK", I am just concerned about the "open" status, these accounts also show a last reported date of 2013, which I would think is wrong also, but not as concerning to me.  Please let me know if you got it resolved, and how.  Thanks so much.


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