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A card I never had has been added to my credit report. How do I delete it?
The card is titled "MABT RETAIL", shows a $1500 limit and $0 balance. It was added to my report on April 21, 2013, and last reported on June 28, 2013. I had TransUnion do an investigation,k the result of which was to show only that this is "new information" and "Satisfactory Account" on my report. TransUnion has added the Remark "ACCT INFO DISPUTED BY CUSTOMER". I also added a Fraud Alert which will expire on 9/2013, but none of this has removed the erroneous MABT listing. MABT's listed address is 8405 SW NIMBUS AVE, SUITE A, BEAVERTON, OR 97008. When I Google this address it shows up as "Genesis Bankcard Services Inc" and they advertise "Affordable consumer credit solutions". However, Hoover's lists their three top competitors as Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc., Nationwide Recovery Systems, Ltd. and Asset Acceptance Capital Corp., all of which are collection agencies. How do I remove this erroneous information?
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MABT Retail

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MABT Retail is Mid America Bank and Trust. Did you perhaps do any business with Helzberg Diamonds or another retailer that uses that financial group around the time the account was opened ? Either it is a duplicate or a name change for that company. Either way, I would still monitor it.

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I actually do have a Helzberg card, but it is a Capitol 1 and already listed on my report. Any other ideas? 

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Dental Work

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I go to Aspen Dental for my services and I had to apply to Genesis Lending to pay off my $300 services. That is what this is. So, like the first response asks, have you gotten any dental work done lately? Have you applied to any credit service in a medical office such as orthodontics, dental, or regular dr's office?

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Write a letter.

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Ask for validation of the acct. you can find a validation letter template online. 

Ask them to show you a copy of the original application and signature card. 

Then if you don't know anymore about it. Close it. You might take a ding on your score but better that than having a CC with your name on it out there. 

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Bankcard..... thats what i got my teeth loan through. So did you get any dental work lately?

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Possibly a Furniture Store Purchase

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This account showed up in my report as well this year.  It turns out this was from the financing we got when we purchased some furniture a fwe months ago.  We paid it off and I thought it was done with but it turns out it is effectively a line of credit that can be used at that particular furniture store.  I would look to see if anything you financed around the time this account opened is related.

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Credit Card

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I have a Credit Card listed on my report with a limit of $8,000.00, that's is not mine. I do not have any credit cards... How do i remove this and fine out who opened this?

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I also Have this problem. I am confused on what to do please if anyone finds a solution please post it.

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