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590 credit score, need at least a $5,000 loan ASAP, what can/should I do?
I had a job loss for 6 months about a year ago. I feel into some hard debt and feel very far behind on payments. I've been trying to get caught up, but it feels almost impossible and I cant afford to make $100 payments to everyone I owe to. If I had a $5000 loan to pay everything off and just one large payment, I could be saved. Everywhere I go has denied me, but I KNOW I could pay at least $600 a month untill its completely paid off. I don't know what to do..? PLEASE HELP!!!
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I agree with aw, greenpath is the way to go.  They will also help you improve your household budget.  Good Luck.

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I used Greenpath Debt Solutions to help pay off my debts. They negotiate with the creditors FOR YOU so you don't have to. You send them one monthly payment based on your income, and they send it out to your creditors. It's called a Debt Management Program (this is not consolidation-they simply lower your payments by negotiating with creditors). GP is a reputable nonprofit-they literally saved my life. Check them out at

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What you can do is call all the creditors and renegotiate your payments to what you can afford. Then work on paying the highest interest rate first, while making the minimimum payments on the rest. Once you pay that one off, roll all the money you were paying on that one, to the next highest itnerest rate debt, etc.

It is rather unclear how much you owe and to whom -- if you can afford to pay 600 dolalrs a month on your debt but not pay each of your debtors 100 dollars a month, then you have at least 7 creditors. But do you owe 5000 to 7 creditors? Or more? If you could provide mroe detail as in credit card 1 : x1 dollars at y1 rate, loan shark down the block, x2 dollars at y2 rate, utility company at blah and blah, then we can be of more help.

Good luck

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