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Is there any hope for timeshare collection?

Mar 16, 2015
Timeshare taxes and fees

I too have a timeshare and own it outright.  I have not paid them any taxes or maintenance fees for about four years, but the balance they want is much higher than the total of these fees.  I asked them to take it back, Voluntary Deed Back, but they wanted $2000. I  Long story short, my husband died and I can no longer afford to use it or pay for the fees.  They harassed me for the last four years but nothing I said made any difference, so they had a collection agency put a negative report on my credit.  It went down almost 50 pts.  Still Excellent, but down just the same.  I don't think it's fair when they use it anyway, and they'll just resell it when they do get it back.  But I'll just have to wait it out for a few more years.  Statute of limitations runs out after 6 yrs in my state