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Lending Club Personal Loans

Jun 05, 2017
Don't apply

I aaplied for loan due to low rate with my score 792 ,but before I finalize on last page the rate jump tp 10.99% and registration fee of $ 225.00 was taken from your principal loan, 

I did cancel the whole thing. 

How Often is My Credit Report Updated?

Aug 15, 2015

Its something weird with Credit Karma , my scoreon CK is the same for past few weeks and credit cards send me score on statements updated and much higher 30-45 points.


Prosper Personal Loan

Aug 23, 2017
Denied with excellent credit
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I applied for the loan with FICO score 813 and my request was denied because    

  • You have a new loan obligation that is too recent and has not yet been reported on your credit report.
  • Thats most ridicoulous reason I heard in years applying for credit.
  • Also they called me at work ( I was in training class) , they couldnt reach me so I received  threatning email to call back or  my request for loan will be cancel. Called the office and rep was talking to me and eating at the same time.