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How to dispute an error on your credit report

Oct 02, 2013
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I didn't even know about the judgement until now when signing up with ck....The only and i mean only thing it can be is for school books for $71.00 back in 2007 I had got a bill for it and we were moving around that  time but I was on assistance back at that time and shouldn't have had to pay it....I'm not sure where to start on finding public records does anyone know if you can get public records on internet?and I do appreciate anyone's help as for the credit hits i think walmart hit 3 times not sure why and my daughter tried applying for a few without aking me if it was okay...I put a stop to that so that should get better....I have also been mistaken for another person with my same name for years now and a couple of things on my past reportsI thought may be another person same name as i