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About Me: I am a 57 yo recently divorced, after 14 years, female. I have a 14 yo son who I am trying to raise in a home whose taxes & insurance have been raised 3 times. They weren't raised because of a claim either. They were raised due to taxes & insurance being raised in my county.
I have investigated refinancing my home but by the time everything was done I
was paying exactly what I have now! A house payment over 1300 dollars & when I bought the house the payments were around $850. Then coupled along with ever increasing house payments, my spouse leaves, and NOW ALL the bills are mine to handle alone; to include my student loans which are currently on deferment. To bad my credit report just shows me as not paying them. I have consolidated them to into 1 payment too.
I have also paid down some cards & reduced things I don't need here. WHAT ELSE CAN I DO?? My credit score has me stuck in a hole I can't get out of too!! HELP!!!

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