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Target® Credit Card

Jun 12, 2019
Horrible customer service

We have had this card for years. At the beginning of May, they contacted us that what looked like a fraudulent charge came through. This was the only good thing about this experience. I canceled the card and had a new one issued for the account. I asked the customer service rep about some returns that I needed to make on purchases made on the original card. He assured me that it would not be a problem, that they would go back to the account. A month later and no returns had shown up. I spent an hour on the phone with their rep and the rep from the store I made the purchase. The Target card guy seemed to think the store should just credit the card again and the store rep kept telling him that they already had. They finally promised to credit my account. Two weeks later, they finally showed up on my account as CHARGES!  When I called again, the Target card rep asked me if they had little minus signs. I said, no, they are black and have posted as charges. I was told that they would change to credits after my next statement and I should just wait. What!?!? 

Also, if you pay this card off, even though the money has cleared your bank account, this card will wait three weeks to post the payment. I have never seen another credit card do this. 

The benefits of this card are just not worth it.