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how can i find the companies i owe money too?

May 19, 2013
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This site (Credit Karma) lets you see update to your TransUnion report every 7 days (every day before, and not any more :D). Credit Sesame lets you see update to your Experian report every month. But both give you instant alert if something new is added to your respective report.

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Discover it®

Feb 08, 2013
Call Discover!
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CK score 726, Vantage score 778. My scores should be higher if the credit limit 12k of my only CC (cash rewards from BoA) is reported. When applying, I chose my employment as a full-time college student though I also work part-time at my university as a teaching assistant/research assistant. These things significantly affected my application for this Discover It card. I did not get approved right away. But after calling Discover at 800-347-4736 to provide this info, they approved and give me a CL of only 2k. Again, a low CL is because of the missing info in my credit report. So if your score is pretty good (almost 700 or the higher the better), and you still get denied or under review, give Discover a call. They may not have enough info just by pulling your credit report. Hope this helps, and good luck obtaining one of the best CC's.

How do I get items that I am no longer responsible for off my credit report?

Jun 22, 2013
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You can dispute with credit bureau. You may start by calling them, remember to note down the name, ID, department, position of whoever you talk to as a record of the conversation. If you could, ask for a reference number for your case. Good luck!

Does Credit Karma pull your credit each month?

Jun 19, 2013
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Credit Karma has automatic update every week (7 days). It is a soft pull to your TransUnion report and it does not affect your credit score.

How long can a creditor keep on applying hard inquiries on my credit report

Jun 25, 2013
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What kind of creditor does that? Lawfully, a creditor can ONLY do a hard pull if you give consent for them to do so. They can do soft pull on their own only. First, you shoudl call and tell them to stop, and remove the latest pull they did on your report. If you have problem dealing with them, contact credit bureau to dispute. Remember to note down name, ID, department, position of whoever you talk to as a record of your conversation. If possible, ask for a reference number of your case. Good luck!

how often is my credit report updated

May 22, 2013
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If you meant how long you would expect a change in your credit report, it's 30 days. Because every month, your balance of using a card in that month will most likely change and all the cards will be 1 more month older. The bank will also report how you paid for your card in that month as well.

If you apply for a loan, including credit card, the change is instant, which is a hard inquiry.

Transfering balances to spread utalization? + Some bad mistakes

May 20, 2013
Be careful with what you do!
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When you open a new credit card, the score always goes down before it can go up again. This is because of the hard inquiry and the reduction in average credit length (due to 0 month old of new credit). Your option 1 does not make sense to me. You asked for and now you got new card, so why not activate to use it? Remember that not activating a card just prevents yourself from using it. All info of the account associated with that card will still be reported every month to the credit bureaus (of balance $0, together with its credit limit). In other words, the credit has been given to you, the card, after activation, is just a means for you to access that credit.

You should know the difference between APR for balance transfer and APR for purchase. If any of your card has 0% APR (or an APR much lower than that of the old card) of balance transfer (not of purchase), you can transfer other balance to this card. However even you see 0% APR of balance transfer, it is NOT FREE to do so, normally you pay a fee of 3% of how much you transfer. It seems like you haven't done any balance transfer before, so if any of your old cards (Walmart, Discover, American Express you meant?) is still having 0% introductory APR of purchase, just leave the balance there and pay minimum every month. That way you don't have to pay for purchase interest or fee of balance transfer. If those mentioned scenarios do not apply to you, balance transfer will normally NOT help you paying down your debt.

One more thing, you said you will try to make $200 monthly. If that's what you will have left after your monthly expense, then yes you can pay down your credit. If not, you will most likely be deeper down into the debt of your credit game. Choosing which credit card to pay down first is another problem, which will require some math, so be careful with what you do!

Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express

Feb 19, 2013
Applied and still waiting...
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CK score 752, Vantage score 764

I applied for this card on Feb 14, 2013. They pulled Experian which I don't know for sure what score they got (I knew my FICO Experian was 753 via creditsesame, no inquiry there before they pulled, 1 now of course lol). The application status is still "In Progress". I called them twice, the first time I used the number from the status check page (866-314-0237) and the second time I used the backdoor number (800-567-1083). Both representatives were clearly not credit analysts, but they are native americans and nice. They told me that the application is still being processed by a team and I need to wait for their decision, or for their call in case they need more info. We'll see.

How do I list my accounts on Experian but not on CreditKarma?

Jun 25, 2013
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Credit Karma only allows you to "connect" your accounts as a common place for you to check everything instead of login separately. It's like forwarding your emails to another email address if you know what it is. Doing that does not affect your report in any way. The only way to "add" an account to a report, or precisely, to have an account reported by a credit bureau, is to tell your bank (or credit grantor in general) to report the account to that bureau. Some bank does not report to all 3 credit bureaus, that's why you may see an account in one report but not in the other. Hope this helps.

Creditkarma simulator

Jun 22, 2013
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The CK simulator does not seem to run correctly. But if you apply for a credit card and get approved, your score will normally go down first before it gets bumped up again because of the hard inquiry and the length of 0 month old of the new credit.

how can i figure out if someone stole my identity

May 18, 2013
Read you credit reports
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Obtain your credit reports from all 3 credit bureaus. You can do that for free every year through This site, credit Karma, gives you free update every week on TransUnion report. Credit Sesame gives you free update every month on Experian. Then read you credit reports for any error and doubtful items, that's the sign of identity theft. Dispute those items if any.

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