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Jul 15, 2019

I have SYNCHRONY bank Amazon Card. There are other Amazon cards like Chase. Sky high interest on Synchrony card, though I have excellent credit. Because of this I would use my other Amazon card from Chase, with medium interest and more customer friendly service in every way. It kept defaulting to Synchrony though I learned not to trust this bank. It's even hard to log on and pay bills. As for the Synchrony Amazon card, I stopped getting on line notices or any bills in the mail four months ago,  but get monothly DEMANDS FOR PAYMENT AFTER THE FACT and all with monthly late fees $35. THIS IS A GOUGE. Why would I ignore my mail for four months, and at the same time received ZERO on line timely reminders to pay, only late fees and dunning letters? NONE OF THIS IS ACCIDENTAL- and all of it is illegal. They need to be reported. Person on the phone was not bad but her hands were tied. I don't blame her but she works for monsters! Again I have excellent credit. I have crappy interface with Synchrony bank on other cards and I highly recommend against them. EXTREMELY USER HOSTILE OR EVEN ILLEGAL. AVOID. They belong in jail!