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About Me: EQ FiCO = 658. EXPERIAN FICO = 670. TransUnion FICO (via Barclaycard) = 660 Credit Karma TU Vantage = 713, Credit Karma EQ Vantage = 733. Started rebuilding March 2013.

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Public Records on Your Credit Report

Aug 12, 2013
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Would anyone have the answer to this?  If you satisfy the judgement by making full payment or a settlement to the creditor, does that creditor have the right to report it as public record with any of the 3 credit bureaus?  These were past credit card debts...  I've gone through the painstaking process of paying off all my old charge offs and couple of creditors took me to court (i.e. Chase) because they wanted all of their money sooner rather than later.  I did this as opposed to fliling bankruptcy.  Reading some other credit card reviews, I find it odd that someone can declare bankruptcy yet people are getting approved for revolving credit based on some of the stuff I've read on this site.  Someone told me that you can petition the creditor once you satisfy the debt to have the public record removed from your credit report... Is that true?  These were obviously legitimate credit card debts so I don't want to "game the system" and dispute any debts that were legitimate but at the same time if I'm taking the reponsibility to pay those debts why should they remain on my credit report.  Any advice?? 

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Credit Card Approval Insights

May 16, 2014
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Unless the card is issued by First Premier in which case paying exhorbitant fees makes no sense just to keep the card active on your credit file...

Citi® Double Cash Card

Feb 08, 2015
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You've got to understand creditors will also look at your other debt obligations such as car loans, mortgages, etc., and not just CC utilization. Even if your credit score is 800 plus it doesn't entitle you to a high credit line. If they see you have multiple trade lines of $20,000 and you make 60K annual income, a creditor may get nervous extending you a similar credit line and/or to limit their potential liabilities (if they're not sure what your total liquid assets are). You indicate you spend 4K a month but on a 60K annual income, after taxes you would probably only have a net of a little over 3K in monthly income....?

Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards Credit Card

Nov 07, 2015
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hmmmm, that's weird... Capital One called me when they suspected fraud on two of my cards, closed those accounts, and expedited new cards out to me. When I spoke with them, they told me they were based in Richmond VA, not India... Just recently, they sent me a second look email when I left my server a generous tip confirming that I tipped them above 20%. Maybe you're confusing Capital One with Credit One....

Capital One® QuicksilverOne® Cash Rewards Credit Card

Mar 21, 2014
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Same here.  I was expecting a $250 CLI but was given a $1500 increase for $2000 CL.  They pull your EQ FICO (soft inquiry) during any automatic CL reviews or customer initiated CL increase requests.  My EQ FICO was 617 at the time, currently, EQ FICO is currently 634, EXP FICO is 650, CK is 628.  My TU FICO started at 523 in March of last year.  People complain about the $39 annual fee but you can easily make that up within the first couple of months with the cash rewards you earn.  Also, they DO NOT do a hard inquiry for any CLI request or credit line reviews (soft inquiry only)

The Secured Visa® from Merrick Bank

Mar 11, 2014
One of the better cards for rebuilding
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It looks like others are putting most of the reviews for the unsecured card under the "secured" card profile for Merrick.  I currently have the unsecured version though Merrick does offer a "secured" card if your credit score is really low.  If your credit score is above 700 you probably need not apply for this card.  Their "unsecured" card offer is via mail invitation only.  The secured card you apply for on their website.   On the offer it stimulates that your credit line will be doubled after 7 months if you maintain your credit profile.   The application process was pretty easy, I just put in the application number and all my address info was pre-populated.  I just put in my DOB and SS # and clicked submit and 30 seconds later I was approved for a $700 CL.  The hard inquiry was done through Transunion only.   I'm 5 months in so I'll update this on the 7th month if / when they increase my CL which seems like a gimme best on other reviews.  My CK was 617 at the time of application and TU FICO score was 604.  I would use for accurate scoring just because when Capital One did a CLI for me, I was mailed a CLI approval letter in the mail citing my Equifax FICO score, and it was the exact same number I had on   Of course it cost $$ for that.  There's no frills or rewards with Merrick but then again there is no annual fee.  They do provide your free TU FICO score once a month or their site which is nice.  The interest is kind of high at 26% but I rarely carry a balance. People are right, the balance that is reported to the bureaus based on your statement balance so it's always good to pay it down before your statement date so it reflects low utilization.  Take the CK score with a grain of salt as it's not always accurate but the CK report card is definitely helpful.  My current TU FICO is kind of low (@609) since I have 8 hard inquiries going through this whole rebuilding process (CK reflects it at 598 currently).  My Equifax FICO is 634 and Experian FICO is 649 (all through   Some of the other rebuilder cards like First Premier and Continental Finance are just god awful that will nickel and dime you to death. Unfortunately my scores aren't good enough for a better prime card and closing the subprime cards would just lower my score (AAofA).   Mind you I was in the low 500's at this time last year.  At least with Merrick there's no annual fee (and other misc fees) and I can keep the card open in the forseeable with some limited activity.  I've only had to call customer service once that was to ask about cash advances (it was a user error on my end).  It does seem that their call center is based in the US.  The rep answered my question adequately 

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