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How to dispute an error on your credit report

May 10, 2015

Enter Your ReplyI am sorry but this is erroneous. The statute clearly stes four years in Claifornia and no amount of contact will, as you stated, start the clock from that time forward. It is simply four years period. And I agree, what point should anyone have to contact any attorney or past due creditor?  It is not to a persons advantage to contact anyoen associated with a past due balance. 

How to dispute an error on your credit report

Jan 27, 2015

This is not quite true. The only ay, legally, the Time can resume for collecting a debt past the Statute of Limitations is if a  consumer pays something toards the debt. Ifyou owed a $ 100.00 and it was over the time limit of Statutue of Limitations and then pay $ 10.00 towards that debt, the debt is then enforceable and collectible. But it should not be if you just contact the collection agency and/or attorney representing thm. There is nothing in the codes of the 50 sttes or the FTC that allows the meter to start all over again for just contacting a collector and/or ttorney for an outdated bill.Enter Your Reply