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My eqifax is 491 what do I do

Mar 11, 2017
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Doesn't have to be tithe to a church. ....but trust me. Even when you're up sh*t creek, look to what you can give / do / participate in the betterment of your community.

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Can my boyfriend now engaged list his income on a credit application of we share money?

Mar 05, 2016

You're not actually married yes yet, and just because you could do it, does not guarantee morning will go sideways

Credit card co taking me to court

Mar 05, 2016


Is it better to try to get a credit increase or a personal loan to pay off 1 highly utilized account...

Mar 05, 2016
Pay it down

If you're having trouble living on your current income, opening the door to higher debt will do you no favors in the long run.

What's next? I've got my credit score to 700+ with prepaid cards

Mar 05, 2016
Edit to add....

....wit everything else you've accomplished last year, just dig in for a little while longer and have that 1000 in savings!

What's next? I've got my credit score to 700+ with prepaid cards

Mar 05, 2016

Sounds like you're getting things done in your life. ...why do you want a "real" credit card?

75% utilization as of now, need help with plan

Mar 05, 2016
And another thing. ...

The faster you get it paid down, the less interest those buggers will get out of you!

Advice needed on new Secured Credit Account opened by "accident"

Mar 05, 2016
If raise hell

If your report is clean and your score is in 700'a I fail to understand why they think they deserve to hold a deposit on you.

Call them up, make a point of being very pleasant worth whomever you talk to. ...they have a rough job. Tell them something like this. ..

"I'm in the market for better terms, have no problem with you guys, but I've had offers of better terms. What can you guys do to lower my rates, or return my deposit.

Don't tell them what other offers you have, just politely ask them to do better than they ate now and see what they come up with.

i have zero balance on walmart card and on transunion its $1200 for 2 months. Experian its zero.

Mar 05, 2016

Your balance on the card is, in fact zero? Should be an easy fix with a call to Walmart.

I have a question about keeping your credit utilization below 30%

Mar 05, 2016
A bit

I had similar situation. I used a 0% offer on one card. That nearly maxed out that one card and my overall utilizing was about 25%. I'd been actively tracking my credit and I did see it being my score down a few points. I had clean credit at the time and it was a maybe 3 or 4 points that I quickly recovered when the inner card was paid down.

How many revolving credi accounts do I need to have active in order to increase my credit score?t

Mar 10, 2017
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Pick up another debt, pay as agreed. Not early.

The algorithms behind that credit score are designed to "reward" you for reliably sending a creditor interest payments.

They also punish you for being a deadbeat. From a bankers POV there are two kinds of "deadbeats":
1-those who don't pay.
2-those who pay early so bankers make less money on that debt.

The whole thing is a scam. If you want to have a good score: Be a good rat and keep the little wheel spinning.

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