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Why did Experian go up and Credit Karma go down in the same week?

Feb 10, 2017

Thank you for your response.  I have read some of the articles and find them very helpful.  My concern is there an 80 point difference between Experian and Credit Karma with Experian being the highest.  That is quite a difference.  I will look for more articles.  Perhaps I can find more information,.

Creditwise versus Experian

Dec 09, 2016

Thanks for your response. I will be at six months of having the credit card on the 20th of this month.   I have paid it off every month but must admit I havent always stayed at 30% usage.  I've read on here that is important too so I am hoping paying it off each month will help.  Now that I read that, I do not go over the 30% usage recommended.