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Manual payment reporting

Dec 05, 2018

Cleanup on aisle 3... somebody dropped a big bottle of spam!

My financial health

Dec 05, 2018
child support arrears at 61 years old?

I don't understand what you are asking, but why do you still owe child support arrears at 61 years OLD?

If my original lender for my mortgage sold my loan to another loan collector can I dispute this?

Aug 18, 2018

Cleanup on isle #3.... a big can of spam hit the floor and made a huge mess!

@ credit karma.... how do we report this kind of garbage?

What’s the best way to start building credit at 18 years old with no bills

Feb 24, 2018

Great question, and an easy answer. Start by applying for a secured credit card... preferably through a local credit union. Take a few hundred dollars that you don't need and can forget about, and open an account at a credit union bank and ask them for a secured credit card... the more you put in, the higher your credit limit will be.

Use the credit card as much as you can, but never exceed the limit (amount of cash you put into the account).

After 6 months to a year of good standing, you should be able to go to that same credit union and ask for a car loan. Credit unions are the best banks to aquire credit from. 

Account is closed but turned into collection. Can they do that?

Feb 17, 2018

nice plug! 

I have a credit card that was closed by the grantor. Should I continue paying it off?

Feb 17, 2018

Not enough information with the question. Why did they drop you? 

high debt need car

Feb 17, 2018

you have a $40,000 credit card balance?

What is the minimum monthly payment on that much debt?

Your question depends on your income.

Other people on my credit not goodit should be me that's it how can I find out who is during my cred...

Feb 17, 2018

It would be great if I could read your question!

I hope the people that are using your credit can spell and type better than you!

Don't use Credit Karma to file your taxes

Feb 17, 2018

I had no problems.... I did my taxes here 2 years. Credit Karma let me know when my taxes were accepted, and was spot on with the direct deposit date.

The problem might be your state.

i cant pay anymore at all ,what to do?

Feb 17, 2018

This is why good, honest credit card customers are paying outragous interest rates. Irresponsible people max out their credit cards and then say 'Whooops, I can't pay'

How convenient!

Do us all honest card holders a favor, and call your card company, and ask what is the minimum monthly payment you can make.

They will work with you if you really want to pay what you owe!

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