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how long before a bankruptcy is removed from my credit report?

Sep 05, 2016
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Chapter 7 is full bankruptcy where you use your assets to pay off debts, if you have no assets then all debts are written off and you do not owe anyone that was listed on the bankruptcy.  This will remain on your record for 10 years.   Chapter 7 is where you make a payment schedule to pay off the debts.   This remains on your record for 7 years.  In addition to the bankruptcy, your credit report will reflect those accounts which went into collection and had late payment indications.  

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How come PayPal credit does not sho on credit report?

May 28, 2018
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Paypal does not report credit activity at this time, although, fall behind and I am certain you will find the activity reflected.

How long after paying off a car does it take to show on credit report

Sep 05, 2016
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It could tale 14-60 days for this to appear on your Credit Report here on CK where you will see a decline in your credit score.   Look at the date that the finance company normally reports to the credit bureau.  It should be reported near that date monthy.   If the payoff was after the most current report, then it will during the next month.  Some items are updated at the actual bureau in batches, it would be reflected in that batch update.   The information should be available to CK on your weekly update after that time.   The finance company may not report to all three bureaus at the same time so it could take a few more days for all updates to be processed.

how long does it take for capital one to report to credit

Oct 05, 2017
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Capital One will report once per month to the credit bureau.  The date they report is based on your individual account.  If you look at the details of the accounts page and they have already reported once, they should report every month about that same date.    It will take a week to ten days from their reporting for it to appear here on credit karma.

Fraudulent hard credit inquiry!

Sep 07, 2017
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This entry was a credit application to  Home Depot (THD) which is managed by Citibank (CBNA).     If you did not make the request, or apply for credit one day to get that free item when you visited their store, you should contact the Credit Depart at Home Depot asking to speak to their fraud department.   This was the first step in creating the account.   You want to ensure that no account was created and if so, you want them to close that immediately and begin the process of filing for identity theft.   The 423 number is in fact, the Citi building in Gray Tennessee, it does not mean that the Home Depot store where application was made was in Gray.   The Toll free number was actually Home Depots credit department.   The endless advertisements was because their hold time for customer service was excessive.  Avoid calling on a Monday or Friday or weekends.   Tuesday/Wednesday are good days and 4-6 PM CST are generally have lower call volumes during those times.  You may want to consider a cerfitied letter to - Home Depot Credit Services. PO BOx 182676 Columbus, Ohio.   Hard inquiries are routinely not handled by the credit burear and more important then having it removed, it having it investigated to ensure no account was set up.   Finally, if you did not make the application, consider freezing your credit reports at all three credit bureaus.

How likely is that I get Pay to delete/Settlement for med collections?

Oct 09, 2016
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The faster you contact the firm to negotiate a settlement  (delete or not) the better for you.   If it is increasing by $52 a month, that's another $104 which is going to be charged.   This is over $300 pear year that it is increasing.   I presume this is the original creditor so you had terms you agreed to which includes late payment fees.  Aren't you glad your Mom did not cosign for this one or she'd be getting a bill any day and it would be on her credit report soon.    While pay for delete does occur, the odds are always against you in these negotiations.  if they feel they have a better than average chance of collecting the full amount through civil action they may not be willing to settle at all.  The less the liklihood of them collecting the better your odds are in the negotiation, delete or not.

I had a car repossessed. Why isn't it showing up on my credit report?

Oct 04, 2016
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First, the bank is under no obligation to report the bad credit to the bureau.  Reporting is voluntary and not all credit places report.   Second, you said 8 years ago, this is beyond the 7 years that negative items can be included on your report, if you are just now looking at your credit, it may have been there and removed.  

Credit card utilization dropped my score by almost 100 points? Why!

Sep 20, 2016
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The drop was superficial and can/should return to normal as you return to your normal spending habits.   Its like carrying a pay of water accross the room, it will slosh around but when you stop, it too will settle.   BIG WARNING, when your Utilization jumps dramatically, some credit card companies will get scared.  They pull soft pulls on your credit almost monthly and when they see a big jump, they see failure in their eyes.  From various reviews, there are a few that will jump the gun and lower your credit line so that if the warning sign is true, their loss is not that large.   So, keep an eye on your credit limits.   If one changes your credit score, its like a snowball, its likely that someone else will follow suit.  (Note: Why do they do this?   When persons with a large credit line are considering bankruptcy, they rush out and max out all their cards to make it worth while, the credit cards are unsecured and they loose big time in the process.  Its those persons who have hurt them in the past that harm the rest of us.)

How do i get a credit card thats not mine removed from my report

Aug 28, 2016
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You mentioned "ex-husband"  if this was from a joint account when you were married, you may not be succesful in having it removed.   Although trying never hurt.  If you were added as an authorized user, you can have it removed.  If it was a debut during your divorce that was assigned to your husband, be sure to provide the court document showing how the credit was assigned to aid in your removal endevors.   You may need to ask your husband how your name was associated with the account so that you will know how to proceed.

Credit karma shown my credit score above 700, however credit check total shown 580 wth???

Sep 19, 2016
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You are comparing apples to oranges.   Credit Karma does not use FICO to compute the credit score you see here.  Credit Karma uses the Advtange formula which gives higher priority to the most current 2 years.   You need to find out which scoring system Credit Checl total uses.  is it FICO 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 or is it their own formula.   There is no "true" FICO score.  Every credit company applies their own twist to their scores based upon the factors that aremost important to them.  Just like your credit cards which give you a FICO score, it is again their version of the FICO formula.  

Quiero saber mi credito

Sep 07, 2017
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Su puntaje de crédito se basa en muchos artículos. Para entender su crédito necesita saber lo que está en su informe de crédito. La información que aparece aquí le ayudará con eso.

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