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Travelers Insurance

Jun 06, 2019
Great Coverage at a fair price!

I have homeowners, 2 full coverage car policies, and a 1 million dollar umbrella with them... If you just want the minimum at the cheapest price; Travelers may not be for you.  However, if you want the best coverage with great adjusters and a culture that supports and takes care independent agents; then go with Travelers.  The prices are competitive.  However, the coverage is second to none... Also might add the Umbrella coverage was super important to my wife and me.  They were one of the only companies that could write it.


Jun 06, 2019
Treat Potential Customers Like Trash

First off, I have Travelers insurance with is GREAT!  I bought my mother a brand new car (Single Mom -- Never owned a new car) as a surpise and paid cash.  Obviously I was going to be paying the full coverage insurance as well... Went through my normal agent... They refused to write the policy because the garaging and billing adress were different... Also, the policy was much more expensive with the garaging address chosen so what is the deal?  In short; Progressive's representative told us to committ insurance fraud and the most efficient way to do it... Suffice it to say; the end result is we went with Travelers.

If Progressive treats you like a used condom during the sales process; how badly do you think they will treat you when you attempt to file a claim?  No thanks...