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Why Did My Credit Score Drop?

Aug 06, 2015

Good post, however, I am with Veldemere where he/she says "Great incite. The credit bureaus and the companies that extend credit should be tried, convicted and jailed. And Creditkarma is no better as it relies on information from credit bureaus. Catch 22."  

I say --It seems no matter whether you pay your loans on time or have a collection, if it's with the same creditor, it's put in the same catagory "collections".  Since I am in a standoff with my bank on ONE (1)  paid loan, but have TWELVE (12) paid off "on time" loans with the same bank, they just put them all in collections. It seems like the credit reporting agencies are in such a hurry to post the credit issues on someone's credit report that they don't read that because you owe Joe Blow on one loan, doesn't mean the other 12 paid on time loans with Joe Blow are bad as well. 

I applied for a secured credit card and still got denied, how am I supposed to build credit?

Mar 16, 2016
Merrick Bank Secured Card
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They were easy to get qualified because it's secured with $200. I don't see how you would get denied but if you did, try another secured card like Capital One. I can't believe I just said that because I had a hard time getting rid of them after I proved I never had a card with them. My sister had to go thru the same thing. So if they give you a card without applying, I would say they would give you a card FOR applying.