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Sep 26, 2019
Overpriced with Hidden Fees

I purchased a Progressive Auto Insurance policy because my family had been using Progressive. It was fine when I lived in Maine but when I moved to Massachusetts my rate went up over 4X the amount I was previously paying. I was informed by the Progressive representative that this was the lowest I was able to pay for having a car in Massachusetts. After 4 months of paying through Progressive, I contemplated selling my car because it was costing me too much for insurance. I began searching for quotes through other respectable insurance companies and found that I was being overcharged 3X the amount that other insurance companies were charging for the same level of coverage. When I went to cancel my policy with Progressive there were no additional charges due to my account and everything was paid. There was also no mention of a Cancellation Fee. With a search on Cancellation Fees, I was informed that there was a $0 fee. The day afterward my policy was officially cancelled, I received an email that I was being charged an additional $50. When I called a Progressive representative, they searched for ten minutes on my account to see if I had missed any payments and why there was an additional charge. When they could find nothing else, they said that they really didn't know why I was being charged but decided that it must be a Cancellation Fee and that I had one week to pay for it. Their outrageously priced policies and hidden fees are why I gave Progressive one star. My best suggestion is look at different insurance company quotes. Do not settle for the first one that makes you an offer and make sure to ask about all additional fees.