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First PREMIER® Bank

Jul 05, 2019
Not too choosy with bad/borderline cred

Yes, they charge up front fees before you receive the card. In the housing industry this is akin to getting a junk mortgage where the lender was providing funds up front for mortgages that should not have been written.  Hence, FP charge higher rates and also a monthly rate.

My limit is $1000.  My first bill was $20 before I received the card.  However, the payment was due after I got the card.

My only complaint with FP is the length of time between taking payment from the bank and making that credit available.  I'm at 2 weeks right now and while the balance shows accurately, the available credit is not updated.

It's not them, it's me with my credit.  Get better credit, see FP go away.  It's really that simple.  I'm not there yet.  Soon!!