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I believe in transparency and honesty and also have a twisted sense of humor.
I hold 2 degrees, one in mass communication with a minor in copy and another in business development.
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I'm here to share and help out, and I don't even mind the trolls who insult me, this I life.

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Feb 10, 2018
Most charge up front...
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They do this by calling it anything but what it really is. Charging up front is illegal under the law. The premise is simple service; theybworknfor you, to remove items from your files with methods that have worked for them before.

Anyone can learn, I own a company myself, and I give out peoples rights, all companies are supposed to do this. We don't charge upfront or out back, we don't lie. Check it out for yourself, many do it for a lot of money, some just take your money, and others actually comply with the laws and charge you less than a phone bill monthly. Clean Slate Credit org,.

Do your homework, do not pay anyone up front for anything.

Hope it helps you out.

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I need free letters for credit repair

Dec 14, 2019
never pay for free information
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cleanslatecredit .org or you can also visit nfcc. org or debt. org

How to fix/repair my credit on my own?

Jun 29, 2019
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Why would you think of giving anyone on a forum access to your SSN??! Don't do that without a contract at least. All these so called hackers as scam artists.
Learn your rights at cleanslatecredit. org for Pete's sake.

I'm looking for a 500 to 513 credit score mortgage lender

Dec 14, 2019
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don't get desperate. if you actually were able to get a mortgage with a score that low (FICO 2) your interest would eat you alive. You might even get an inflatable nortgage that will balloon after a year or so and push you into forclosure.

As for mortgage credit repair? the first thing to understand is that not everything can be disputed and general rule is if it's yours and accurate you can't do much about it. Get some free letters if you want to do it yourself. cleanslatecredit. org or check out the consumer rights and links and visit teh national nonprofits we list there. and as for lexington law, you can file a cfpb complaint against them if they took your money and didnt help you out. learn your rights dude. good luck.

I need an actual credit repair company

Dec 16, 2019
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get the letters at cleanslatecredit. org no questions asked, you want to do it youself you got it guaranteed. rock on.

What is your experience with credit repair companies?

Dec 02, 2019
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Cleanslatecredit. org

Home of the Craziest Credit Repair Advocates in the Universe.

Credit repair agency

Dec 02, 2019
Clean Slate Credit Consultants Miami
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Visit A Clean Slate Credit Consultants at:
cleanslatecredit. org and learn your rights for free.
Get free letters. Consultation is free. Never pay for free information.

Credit repair service

Dec 02, 2019
cleanslatecredit. org
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visit Cleanslatecredit. org and learn your rights. Don't pay for letters. Don't pay for free information and certainly don't accept an upfront CROA violation fee.

why can't i get my full credit report on credit karma?

Jun 29, 2019
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Credit karma is a tool at best (it's really a platform that provides you with a useless score in hopes up selling you products which they earn commission on. But let's pretend we don't know that).
Visit: annualcreditreport. com and pull your free reports. Don't pay anyone to interpret it for you. Interpret it yourself.
Get free letters at cleanslatecredit. org learn your rights.

Has anyone used a credit repair company to remove collections from credit report? Any success?

Dec 18, 2019
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get the free letters. dont pay for letters.

cleanslatecredit. org

I need help with duplicated items inside a bankruptcy

Dec 22, 2019
Duplicated items??!
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Duplicated items? Like original creditor and collection agency or is it duplicates of the collections?

It's normal to see listing of items discharged in bankruptcy it is not normal to see duplicated items.

You can dispute it yourself or get a. Consultation for assistance at: cleanslatecredit. org

You can also go to annualcreditreport. com and pull your files for free and go from there. You seem to want help in the arena but you should always know your rights regardless.

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