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About Me: I am a regular guy from Miami Florida and like most regular people I've had my good and bad moments, ups and downs. I'm here to share my expertise, advice and maybe even answer some questions.
I believe in transparency and honesty and also have a twisted sense of humor.
I hold 2 degrees, one in mass communication with a minor in copy and another in business development.
I am a retired consultant and expert in development.
I came to credit karma when my credit was taken hostage by fraudulent users. I never cared for it much, and was cash and debit based for most things.
I got taken advantage off by a sweet old lady, who robbed me. I learned how to fix my errors and dedicated myself to advocating the same for others. I like.the articles on here and like reading comments and adding my own. I only use CK to monitor vantage, because I have a busy life. Credit Karma may not be the best thing since sliced bread, but it's as great as lava lamp and I recommend it to all.

I'm here to share and help out, and I don't even mind the trolls who insult me, this I life.

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Feb 10, 2018
Most charge up front...
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They do this by calling it anything but what it really is. Charging up front is illegal under the law. The premise is simple service; theybworknfor you, to remove items from your files with methods that have worked for them before.

Anyone can learn, I own a company myself, and I give out peoples rights, all companies are supposed to do this. We don't charge upfront or out back, we don't lie. Check it out for yourself, many do it for a lot of money, some just take your money, and others actually comply with the laws and charge you less than a phone bill monthly. Clean Slate Credit org,.

Do your homework, do not pay anyone up front for anything.

Hope it helps you out.

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I never had a loan but never had a mortgage why does it show I do

Jan 23, 2019
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Call up the bureau and dispute it. It's usually a mixed file issue. Have then fix it up. Takes a good 72 hours. Shazam!!!!

Is there someone I can talk with about bad credit and how to fix it?

Feb 05, 2019
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Bad credit can't be fixed by anything other than paying down debts. If the collections are Inaccurate, then you can dispute them.

You can do things yourself and learn your rights.
Visit: cleanslatecredit. org and whatever you do don't pay for letters.

I am seeking credit payoff advice

Feb 08, 2019
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Contact a lawyer, no one here is qualified to give legal advice unless they themselves are lawyers.

The justice department has vetted attorneys and you can also contact a national non-profit.

The truth is you need legal advice, this forum is for general queries and information. I've yet to see one person give legal advice.

I need help finding out if I have identity theft

Feb 02, 2019
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Check your credit reports. If you see things that are suspicious then call up the credit bureaus or CRA's and freeze your files.

Transunion score varies from what is displayed vs the true score

Jan 23, 2019
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Vantage model sucks. Use it and learn from it. It's garbage.

FICO is the one that matters. The former is a model that culls data from the top 3 indiscriminately to formulate a score.

The latter (FICO) is a custom model generated for each particular acounts. All the difference in the world. That's why it's TRUSTED.

Can I fix my credit without professional help

Jan 31, 2019
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Nothing. You can and have the right to do things yourself all the way. Read up on your rights at CFPB and get as much information as you can about the FCRA and the FDCPA.

Is it legal for a debt to be put back on your report after it expired & dropped off?

Jan 14, 2019
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If it's paid the credit reporting time limit (not to be confused with the state statue of limitations) then the answer is NO.


So, you drop my scores due to using my credit card for Xmas?! What happened to based on history pymt...

Feb 05, 2019
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Credit card companies play the same rigged game that banks do. Keep your score down/charge you more interest. Keep us jumping through hoops. This surprises you?

But your depends on more that usage and history, it's a balance if that and a tad more. Vantage isn't even real world, since it collects data from the top 3 indiscriminately.

Learn from it but don't take it serious.

Is there a name/contact email for Capital One for a goodwill letter?

Feb 05, 2019
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The CEO won't care. It's pointless. Make the letter out to the complaint department or the accounting/collections department of the company.

The CEO is busy running the enterprise and playing golf while he's not banging the secretary. They literally won't care.

I Disputed and payment history changed and score went down 80 point!

Feb 08, 2019
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Sure. Dispute it again.

The thing to ask yourself is: did they actually investigate it or did they say it was verified to them? The key word to look at is the them (meaning the bureau) part. While it has to be validated to them, it also has to be validated to YOU.

And that's where many people give up. Don't give up.

Make sure if you are challenging information that you are provided with the information and the method of validation they are using.

Also to remember, don't use those crap 609 letters you pull off the net. That's garbage mostly. The 609 subsection deals with identity theft concerns, so that's not the way you want to go.

Dispute it again. Get your documents provided to you. Don't just take their word for it since only documented accounts can be collected upon.

As to why the history changed, it's a good question that unfortunately can't be answered without more details, and only you see those.

Get letters at cleanslatecredit. org

Do not pay for letters.

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