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About Me: I am a regular guy from Miami Florida and like most regular people I've had my good and bad moments, ups and downs. I'm here to share my expertise, advice and maybe even answer some questions.
I believe in transparency and honesty and also have a twisted sense of humor.
I hold 2 degrees, one in mass communication with a minor in copy and another in business development.
I am a retired consultant and expert in development.
I came to credit karma when my credit was taken hostage by fraudulent users. I never cared for it much, and was cash and debit based for most things.
I got taken advantage off by a sweet old lady, who robbed me. I learned how to fix my errors and dedicated myself to advocating the same for others. I like.the articles on here and like reading comments and adding my own. I only use CK to monitor vantage, because I have a busy life. Credit Karma may not be the best thing since sliced bread, but it's as great as lava lamp and I recommend it to all.

I'm here to share and help out, and I don't even mind the trolls who insult me, this I life.

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Score drop from paying off debt

Apr 01, 2018
Score drops, history remains
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This is the problem with paying debts in collections. I never tell anyone not to pay an actual debt, but I do advocate that a person should get an agreement in writing. Without it, if youbpaybit the history is still reported. And even is closed it will still report from last date. So it will be there a while, and lenders looking can find it instantly.

Read up on the FCBA, some helpful links are found in the law. I recommend wiki search, or some other non affiliated engine.


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Dispute Center. Does it work?

Jun 21, 2018
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Be diligent dude. Don't forget to add that it helps only under the laws in FACTA for information stemimg from identity theft concerns. The 609 isn't a letter it is a subsection of the greater law, which must be used sparingly. Don't want to get someone in deep **** here.

Got an email that equifax has been hacked. Is my id in danger

Jun 21, 2018
You can wait til the cows come home...
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Won't get one from Equifax. The thing to do is to visit and click the orange bar to see if you were impacted. Then, when the new page opens up, click the red triangle and put your social and last name into the search bar. If you were Equifax will tell you. (You can also call them up, they'll check over the phone while you fidget to the elevator music).

If you were, you can then either sign up with TrustedID or Lock and Alert. Check out: sign up. Lock your file. It's free.

Then if you feel like someone may be messing with your files, call up any of the big 3 and have them issue a fraud alert for 90 days. Costs you zip and is a pretty good way to have your files monitored. You could also pay these companies to do it for you, but that adds insult to injury since the 2nd biggest in the nation got you into this mess, but that's your call. Then sit down and drink a brew, preferably at a friend's house while he or she pays for it. Feel free to eat out of their fridge and wear their pajamas. Anyway. Yeah, Equifax won't volunteer to tell you if you're affected (cute word eh) but you have some options. Luck to you dude.

Got an email that equifax has been hacked. Is my id in danger

Jun 21, 2018
This is old news.
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Been hacked last year. So the answer is you may be. Check them out, call them. Ask. They won't volunteer it. Which they should.

what to know how to dispute a collection

Jun 27, 2018
There are some ways...
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Try the direct dispute tool in transunion here on CK (it's free)

Try letters to the collection agencies asking for a pay per delete.

Try disputing the issue direct.

You have rights.

Removing hard inquiries.

Jun 27, 2018
You may have authorized...
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One or two, but auto dealers always blanket them out there to see who bites. This can be disputed since who in their right mind would knowingly allow 20 inquiries for a automobile??!

So of that's the case, you can indeed get them looked into. Just call up the CRA's yourself (Experian, TransUnion and Equifax are CRA's) and tell them you'd like to dispute some inquiries which we not authorized. Banks sometimes will duplicate requests (Chase did this to me by some glitch in their system about 3 years ago), so some human error is to be expected.

Call them up, talk to them. It's worth a shot. And although my fellow forum member believed they won't help you even if you could remove them, I disagree since they do count towards your overall score. Luck to you.

can i have a ccopy of my credit report

Jun 27, 2018
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Annual credit report. Com you are entitled to one free report annually (maybe more under certain circumstances).

How can I get closed accounts removed from my credit report

Jun 21, 2018
You have options
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If it's closed but in good standing with a positive history, you wouldn't want to, it actually helps you to have it there. If it has an accurate negative history, you bite the bullet and wait for the credit reporting time limit to expire, and if it has erroneously reported negative history then you can seek to remove it and be righteous about it. Forgive Big J, down there. He doesn't mean it to come off crash and uneducated, he has just read the whole library of articles and is their champion. He means well and served his country so we owe him one (I may owe him 2) so yeah the articles may help but you also have numerous resources provided by the FCRA.

Dispute Center. Does it work?

Jun 21, 2018
It works and is pretty good
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Just don't overload it. Direct dispute does a decent job I'm told, but it can also get stuck in dispute land. Go about it slowly and don't overload it.

Late payment reported on a credit card I do not have

Jun 27, 2018
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Ahem, not true. It may show if it's a mixed file, which is common. Call the CRA and ask them if it's on your record. Then kindly inform them it's not accurate and go from there. Just because you don't have it are you to assume it's not true, it may actually be there and a result of human error.

How much car and home can I afford with salary 27000

Jun 21, 2018
In'd live like a king
Helpful to 91 out of 105 people

Hialeah jokes aside. You'll want to realistically have better credit with a lower income bracket so you won't get raped by an inflating mortgage.

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