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How to dispute an error on your credit report

Apr 11, 2016

This is absolutely true- across the United States, at least in my experience. And, of course, the creditor does not want you to have this information, either. It is something very few people know. I was very happy to read this and see that the message is getting out there. In most places, it can range from 7-10 years. Those can be VERY long years if you accidentially repeat them. It is always better to go through the credit reporting agency directly to dispute the item. My advice to anyone doing a dispute is to always do it by 'snail mail' (USPS) - and don't just mail it, mail it Certified Mail W/Return Green Card Signature. Which means you not only have proof that they received it, you also have the name of the guy (or girl) they send to the Post Office to pick up the mail every day. Trust me, if they have to sign for it, it is much less likely to get lost. If you take the time and effort to write a hard copy letter- then shell out the seven or eight bucks it takes to mail it Certified Mail WITH RETURN GREEN CARD RECEIPT. Another thing I learned is to use the Post Office directly. If you use one of those little postal places that are playing post office, their mark up is 40% on average. So, your Certified Mail (W/Returned Green Card) just went up to about $12 bucks. ** If you don't know how to send a letter Certified Mail, they USPS Counter Rep. will help you. Just ask. ** 

i didn't authorize any one to make these inquiries.

Jan 22, 2016

I ONLY authorized a hard inquiry by ONE lender. I have worked in credit and mortgage underwriting for 25+ years. The individual I was working with is someone I have bought a car from before and I am very happy with the dealership. However, he shopped my loan to 8 other banks and all of my credit scores dropped 18 points in one day, across the board. It IS a big deal. And, its against the law when the individual you have a verbal agreement with takes a very short credit application, with no parameters about credit inquires or the number of them, and uses this to shop your loan to try to get you the deal you want. But, you would have never authorized them to do more than one inquiry with one lender. The lender was picked out in advance by both of us. He knew exactly what he was doing. He just hoped I wouldnt find out. Thanks to Credit Karma I did find out, the second I got home. I'm on the phone with my attorney on Monday morning. It is against the law to in any way misrepresent how you intend to use someones personal information.