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How to dispute an error on your credit report

Jul 02, 2015

"Enter Your ReplyAnd ask the one company who you paid late to just once to change that report based on timely payments for the year after - they will do it as a "good faith" favor to you - you just have to ask."

This certainly is a good idea and I'm certain it must work sometimes. n 2009 apparently I had ONE late payment with Commenty Bank

I have been trying for months to get a derogatory remark removed from my credit report. Apparently, I missed one payment in 2009 with Comenity Bank. Clearly I paid it (with interest/late fee, I assume) because my account stayed open until I closed it several years later. When I speak with Loft/Comenity Bank personal they say they "can't do anything because our records don't go back that far." What?? When I speak with the credit agencies they say they can't do anything because it is accurate. I have to assume it is - it was 2009 and it must have been a "late payment" not a "missed payment" because there are many, many payments after that. I am so frustrated by this situation. If ANYONE has any ideas about how to proceed to a favorable solution - please post.