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How to get a decent price after not having insurance for awhile?

Jul 18, 2017

Enter Your Reply Is there some sort of help for this situation?  I'm in the same boat.  I have 5 teenagers in a blended family.  I had to take in my husband's children because mom went to jail and I already had 3.  Then I got my real estate license and 2 months later my husband was laid off work 2 weeks before Christmas.  Then 2 months later he got work and 3 months after that he had a gallblader rupture and sepsi and gain green trying to work through the pain.  He was out of work 3 months.  Went back to work and less than a year the job ended and was laid off again.  2 months he went back to work.  This time not at a nuclear plant but something more steady and I be darn if he didn't cut his finger off and now he's back to not being able to work for 3 more weeks.  I've basically been barely able to stay afloat but to do so I couldn't pay something and that was the thing.  I was already paying $500 a month ins. and $500 a month car payment.  I've been driving in a car that's got the heat stuck on in !00 degree temps.  I have no idea what to do now.  I currently up to this point have gotten no government help though so I'm proud of that.  It's only by the grace of God I still have a home and all of my utilities are paid.